Is Reiki & Energy Healing Safe?

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21 Replies to “Is Reiki & Energy Healing Safe?”

  1. What about acupuncture, massage therapy, holistic medicine… All are healing modalities…reki practitioner is not the healer, the person asking for reiki is the healer they are the one using the energy for what is meant for them for their highest good. Just like the guru giving advice , channeling the wisdom ????

  2. There’s a whole lot that doesn’t resonate with me within this statement. I’m going to pass on incorporating this one, thank you very much.

  3. While i fully understand what he's saying and why he's saying it, it seems like a harsh warning. My understanding of reiki and such things is that a healer never really heals anyone directly, but can give of a vibe that allows another person to heal themselves. Personally i'd never attempt it, but he must have seen a few terrible things to give such a warning

  4. I believe that a person will be healed when they are entitled to be healed. It will not become a part of the healer’s responsibility unless the healing was done without consent. Energy healers are just like medical doctors. If a person is entitled to be healed they will come across a modality that will heal them either it is energy healing or the traditional way of healing.

  5. With Love I disagree. He speaks about the irresponsible use of Absorbing the unbalanced energy from the other and not knowing how to release it from the same body, and also, you need to respect others people process and evolution. There's a "Confirmation " that you receive before doing it. The same way you have a Confirmation in when to stop the healing process. The same thing with the other person. If the person gives the permission to you for the intervention it's also helping itself to be helped. Saying "it's irresponsible" like that it's misleading and also dangerous becausethe same could be argued against medical physical doctors. Serious people who study these Esoteric teachings will disagree to an extent. Because it doesn't give the necessary information or process.

  6. "I can't teach anybody anything ; I can only make them think !" – Socrates.

  7. Is Reiki healing and Pranic Healing same ?
    Because sometime ago I was intensely involved in Pranic Healing by Choa Kok Sui.
    I used to had lots and lots of cough and cold. A person used Pranic Healing on me for almost 2 years daily. After that I never ever had any cough.
    But does it will have adverse effect on me ?
    Someone please reply ????????

  8. Natives got blankets well. Who's the same respect & responsibility white old man say I'm native America

  9. Namaskaram sadhguru????
    But how to manage incurable diseases like ocd anxiety ibs as these diseases are creating hurdles in oour sadhana please guide ☹️

  10. If an individual is willing to get healed, his or her determination itself is enough to get them reach where they have to be using subjective tools. If other person is winding up in the process, the life energy becomes mixed bag and confused. If the person is mentally challenged, the energy healing can be done as a medical practitioner but with assistance of close relative of the patient.

  11. But the vaccine was safe and effective ????
    It's easier to fool people than to show them that they have been fooled…
    He is an actor that's all

  12. Nahhh the old man I helped with prison surgery tells me right now, respect & responsibility only every time I can't, but I have to same time guru said or posted. laydown that's it

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