Mom rates Etsy products.. that I made.. but she doesn't know that!!

Mom rates etsy products (SPOILER: I MADE THEM)
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The etsy shops that sell the real earrings:
breakfast earrings: Katsmagicclay on etsy
Gingerbread house: Sunshineblondeco on etsy
Heart earrings: perkypresents on etsy
Pie & cookie earrings: Mininiland on etsy
Cat earrings: Tsuinbros on etsy
rainbow earrings: oh happydayclay on etsy

Thank you so much for watching!

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30 Replies to “Mom rates Etsy products.. that I made.. but she doesn't know that!!”

  1. I paused the video, While she was actually saying that it’s not her who was making these to her Mom I think she already messed this up, advice, what could actually work is if she would say that she actually went through Etsy and she had a look at the comment section( if there is one) to find them earnings that were saying that what people got is not what it is on a picture or just worse, that she actually wanted to check it for herself if Etsy is like wish, saying that could actually ( I think) make it more real for a moment until reveal ????
    But it looks like it actually works putting a real one at the beginning

  2. Mia never disappoints with her videos especially the ones with Mama Maples!????❤

  3. The way mia broke out into a melody while mama maples said get better glue really killed me ????????????

  4. The pickle doesn't bother me. It bothers me that it is supposed to be gras but it is flying on the ground

  5. Always love this videos. To be fair always love Mia & Momma Maples vids when they're together, they're too funny and their bond is just too sweet. About died when Mother Maples ???? straight up didn't believe you when you said you made them. You had her CoNvInCeD ????????????
    You did do a really good job of the majority of them though, specifically the our ones and house ones so I don't blame her. Just wanted to say thank you, for bringing an extra dash of sunshine to my day Mia & momma maples

  6. I am for the psycholoical war,
    But hands down to mia's new skillful hobby
    She is so crafty and persistent learner ????❤️❤️❤️

  7. Mama Maples is right Mia's hands can do anything! Love Mama Maples, always so bubbly and kind ❤️

  8. You could wear a back brace (under your clothes) while you do projects like these and sowing. You could also use actual nose plugs to prevent your allergies flailing up 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh ???????? would love to see eating like a sims character for the day from the sims cookbook!

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