Is SitPack the Ultimate Compact Chair or Just a Gimmick?

Testing out the SitPack 2.0, a “chair” that folds down to about the size of a soda can.

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0:00 Intro & Overview
1:49 Outdoor Test
3:58 Hiking Test
6:39 Final Thoughts

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20 Replies to “Is SitPack the Ultimate Compact Chair or Just a Gimmick?”

  1. Looks ridiculous. I can see why a lower rating was given. The disk one is better.

  2. That has a "Kick me" sign on it! Can imagine it being kicked from under someone! Definitely not remotely as safe as the stool. Legs will get tired with that for sure too.

  3. I really thought he was going to take it to an amusement park. I really wanted to see other people's reactions of him doing this while in line lol

  4. This is a down grade of the British "shooting stick". Which is a walking/hiking stick ..the Handel folds out to form the seat…this thing is a real down grade.

  5. We want to cooperate with you, we have sent you an email, please check your email.

  6. I prefer the Fold and Go Sidekick Seat. It’s made by Fold and Go Wheelchairs. It’s great because it has a carabiner and can clip on belt loop or hand off back pack. It’s made for caretakers to be able to sit with the person in a wheelchair, but can be purchased by anyone on their website. We take ours when we go out and my wife has a place to sit whenever needed. I’m always sitting in my Fold and Go Wheelchair.

  7. I feel like leaning on this would make my cootie cat or ass hurt and I'm not here for it. Also feels like false advertising as this is not a chair and you definitely can't sit on it. So IDK why they mentioned either of those words.

  8. This thing is practically useless. I had ordered one. I sent it back and got the telescopic stool disc. Some of my friends have the Cliq chair and a folding tripod chair which are also way more usable and practical. 🙂

  9. Given the circular foldable chair you compared it to, the ultimate leaner looks like shit.

  10. There's a exoskeleton thing that straps to your legs that you can kind sit on.

  11. ????I rather seat cone than stick seat, stick seat isn’t safe! But I would both, I sit on seat cone and my arm sit on stick seat then push stick seat to get up! ????????‍♀️

  12. If it were a bit longer, I could justify it for hiking and camping, as it might take the place of a treking pole for tarp and tent applications, as well as a seat. But just like kitchen gadgets, one trick ponies usually take up too much space to justify their limited utility. I mean, something please — does it even have monopod capabilities for cameras or guns? A cane? A stand for something? Anything? Simply being fairly compact isn't enough of a trick.

  13. Looks like a plastic knock off of a shooting stick, which have been round prob 100 years.

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