5 Tasks You Should Do EVERY DAY in the Veggie Garden

In this video, I give you 5 tasks you should do every day in the vegetable garden to keep it growing well!

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15 Replies to “5 Tasks You Should Do EVERY DAY in the Veggie Garden”

  1. G'day Everyone, that kookaburra still won't leave me alone lol… I'm still working towards going live soon but I just want to make sure the connection etc is solid before I take the plunge this time. As always, I don't ever take your ongoing support for granted and thank you wholeheartedly for watching my videos! Cheers 🙂

  2. I love that kookaburra, its like he's always there with you watching you work and getting in your way lol. Ever since i stopped using pyrethrum and focused more on soil health/health of the plants, inspecting daily and removing pests by hand and bringing in certain plants to attract good insects etc i've had so much more success

  3. I prefer to use neem oil
    For mold and fungal issues. I also don’t like to use any chemical pest control. That having been said fire ants are a pain literally.

  4. Mark, you're the king of the garden as well as the king of the Dad jokes. I can't get enough of your good instruction and real life garden tips. The good natured humor is the cherry tomato on top.

  5. Finally some one said what I've been saying….watering by hand is the best overall!!! It get you into it!!!

  6. I come for the fantastic gardening knowledge, stay and like for the dad jokes. xD

  7. My garden is one of the best things in my life. Each day to go out and see how much things grow and just get the fingers dirty. Dirt on the fingers is a great stress reliever. I don’t get a lot of weeds as I grow in vegepods and I have a couple of high raised beds, that are only in their second season. I spend a lot of time researching and reading about vegetable gardens when I am not outside which I find very therapeutic. Tonight we have had two storms come through so I don’t need to water for a while. Though my planters on my front verandah will still need a water tomorrow. I am actually still growing tomatoes well out of season for Toowoomba on the verandah. And finally found the perfect spot to grow herbs for herbal teas and to eat also on north facing verandah. Happy gardening everyone.

  8. Index 🙂 ending with a pun or dad joke every time. What a hero.
    0:39 Watering
    03:44 Transplanting
    06:47 Weeding
    08:27 Harvesting / Pruning
    11:35 Inspecting (Tips on organic pest control)
    14:58 Secret Bonus Task (with a sprinkle of life advice)

  9. The dad jokes! I
    woke at 5 a.m. YOU inspire ME to leap up and enjoy watering my second year garden!!

  10. Marks been under producing videos for videos a while so he's clearly trying to meet his dad joke quota in one video.

  11. There's only one thing extra I can think of that I have to do in the garden each day, and that is check the random available materials-made temporary fencing to make sure my dog can't get in and eat everything! ????

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