Is This The Most Ingenious Mitre Sled Ever? – DIY JIG

Most mitre slides are permanently set to 45′. There are also miter sledges where the angle can be adjusted. With my mitre sledge, any angle is set with an angle bevel and you always automatically get the angle bisector. This is an invaluable advantage if you want to produce baseboards.

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14 Replies to “Is This The Most Ingenious Mitre Sled Ever? – DIY JIG”

  1. Bloody clever. The place I live in hasn't got a single right angle in it because the builders were lazy and the materials are rubbish. This could really save me. Thanks again.

  2. It was so satisfying to finally get my fixed mitre sled to cut tight 45 degree angles today!
    With this jig I could have made the necessary adjustments in a matter of minutes instead of hoping my pieces don't move while I screw them in place! Well done sir!

  3. Hallo
    Wirklich sehr schön, aber oft stellt sich mir bei ähnlichen Konstruktionen die Frage, wie sieht es denn mit Innenecken aus? Gibt es da auch eine Möglichkeit?

  4. As a beginning woodworker I have been struggling with getting the angles just right on a memorial flag case for my father. Unlike most other viewers I am easily lost just watching the video. What a shame there are no plans or a walkthrough for this because appears to be the answer to my frustrations. My quest continues.

  5. Exactly what I was looking for to set the angles of an eight sided table Top. Good job!

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