It is Finally Finished!

A project a year and a half in the making – We are finally finished with the Library in Budalangi Kenya. THANK YOU to everyone who donated books and Thank you again for watching my videos. It took us an entire YEAR – The Library is now COMPLETE! If you ever visit the library – PLEASE send us pictures!

My grandma befriended Philip in South Africa about 15 years ago – and hes been an honorary member of my family ever since. Coming to family reunions – weddings – and even though we aren’t actually related – he definitely feels like a member of the family. If you want to help out the community in Kenya – you can donate to his foundation here:

Watch the Original video here:
See more of the books in our library:

And I cant say it enough… but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!!

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12 Replies to “It is Finally Finished!”

  1. This is called influencing.. platform used for such a wholesome cause… Bless you

  2. Things like this restores my faith in humanity, your truly my inspiration zack I will also contribute for a great cause when I am capable of, thanks for all the hard work and keep on creating content like this.

  3. Such an amazing result. Well done to this channel and all who donated books. I can't help but think WTF have these charities been doing in Africa for the last 60 years… where is all that money going? I would say there would have been half a trillion dollars raised.. but people are still starving and have no water or electricity. Who has made a quiet impact? Akon, yes, Akon, the hip hop legend. His initiative has already supplied lighting to over 80 million homes.. 80 MILLION HOMES! THAT'S AUSTRALIA'S POPULATION 3 TIMES OVER. Oil companies can run an oil pipe 600klm long, but we still can't get drinkable water to people.

  4. I have no idea how to express it in English the exact same way, so I'll say it in my mother tongue: мировой мужик! Zach, your deed is amazing and I hope the kids get a chance to learn something new or just enjoy reading for themselves!

  5. the difference of wealth in africa is crazy, nairobi looks just like a city in the west while all the other places are filled with poverty. Something i noticed while i was there

  6. I damn near teared up by the end of this video. You've come such a long way since I first found your channel in the fall of 2014 when I needed to change the screen on my Samsung Galaxy S5. It's been an incredible journey so far, and you just keep doing unthinkably good things for the world! I think we can all agree that we are honored to have been able to contribute to such a project. Easily one of the greatest YouTube channels out there!

  7. My eyes weren't ready for this, this morning.

    I'd like to sign up for story time with Philip please. ????????

    Keep doing amazing things Zack. Keep doing amazing things Philip

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