15 Replies to “Jack in the Hole (Tutorial)”

  1. This is freaking me out… Since ur first video your "spectator" picks a card and it's the same card I randomly pick! My reality has truly been disturbed… O.o

  2. Evan! i want to thank you…..before i found you i had no friends and no one to talk to but now I've learned some of your tricks and plucked up the courage to go and preform them to people i have friends now 🙂 so i just wanted to say…..thanks for inspiring me to change my life.
    kind regards — Mrspermandude1

  3. I would do it your way, but what I figured to be a more convincing 'card control' is to make a v split to put it in the deck, take a pinky break and do either a Herman pass or a Turn over pass to control it on top 🙂 It is harder though, but by far more convincing because your audience do not see you make false cuts 🙂

  4. your card force is called "table cut" would be easier if you do a tutorial for the table cut and just tell them to go to the "table cut tutorial" video

  5. Thanks Danny, there's a lot of modified way to do sandwich type tricks like this that all have an amazing outcome, this one is the most simple, yet powerful in my opinion, that's why I put it up first :]

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