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13 Replies to “Just Say No to These 5 Car Dealership Extras | Consumer Reports”

  1. We just factory ordered our Camry AWD and only options we added are what we would get anyway — all-weather carpet mats, heated steering wheel, and door edge guards. All the "other stuff" I'm sure will be offered at delivery, but we're just like Nancy Reagan. We will "just say no"! ????

  2. VIN Etching and sprays I get but this video is lazy and misleading..Extended warranties on NEW cars is a waste but they save PRE OWNED customers a lot of money when unexpected repairs come into play when you are past 1 year into your new used car. Tire and Wheel is so inexpensive it's really dumb to not cover your rims and tires with protection like that when tires can go for hundreds to replace brand new and alloy rims are in the thousands..Save the Nitrogen tires that's bs but not all things offered are designed to "scam" people

  3. There's more than that. New dealerships will also typically pre-install LoJack in the car and pressure you into thinking it's a mandatory add-on. Most new cars have an app that allows a very similar feature.

  4. This only works if it’s a buyer’s market. But if the car is in demand they’re going to slap on every add on they can, and if you don’t like it they’re only going to tell to buy the car someplace else.

  5. The most important tip is finding out what has already been added to your car of choice, or that dealerships standard practice. Fortunately most areas have several dealers of every brand, although they are all mostly scum so hard to avoid all of it.

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