The Re-Ment Pharmacy Set Has MAKEUP! Let’s See If It’s A Good Size For Our Dolls

By Request: Time to check out more Re-ment miniatures! Today we are taking a look at the Re-ment Pharmacy set in search of more mini makeup for the dollhouse. Plus we give our Creative Soul Cinderella doll a new look. Join us for an ALL NEW Video on YouTube at MyFroggyStuff.


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12 Replies to “The Re-Ment Pharmacy Set Has MAKEUP! Let’s See If It’s A Good Size For Our Dolls”

  1. This is a fun mini set !! Everything is super cute and adorable ???? thanks for sharing! P.S ~ I totally get why you don't wanna use that sticker with an un- tasteful word ❌ lol

  2. Now you have everything from medicine to makeup, i do hope in the next video we see you finish your Luca series. Also Love the Horse Fountain you made, that will look
    perfect for my mini self outdoor garden, see you next time.

  3. The product is "My Local Petit Drugstore" If you ever need a translation of any Japanese packaging, let me know. That's my primary occupation

  4. 6:47 is indeed a fever reducer. It’s essentially putting a damp cool rag on your head, but it stays cool longer.
    6:50 is called Kairo. It’s a disposable biodegradable heat pack. It’s full of some sort of metal shavings and when the pack is exposed to air after you open the plastic package it comes in, it starts to heat up. It looks like the one that came in he rement is the kind with a sticky side so you can stick it to the outside of an undershirt.

    Hope this helps, I live in Japan btw :))

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