KnifeCenter FAQ #123: Are New Fixed Blades Any Good?

Just how important is it to have your blade centered in the handle? Plus, we’ll cover some of the best new fixed blades under $100, the pros and cons of carbide sharpeners, and just who had the first knife with fast-swap handle scales.

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Work Sharp Pivot Sharpener:
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CRKT Razel Fixed Blades:
Spartan Professional Grade Harsey:
Olamic Wayfarer 247:
Boker Traditional Folding Knives:
Old Bear Mushroom:
Dawson Dark Knight MagnaCut:

On the table, but David failed to mention:
CIVIVI Cogent:
Hogue/SIG Sauer K320:
Spyderco Native 5:
Camillus LK6 (Discontinued):
Gerber Fastball:

0:00 Intro
0:58 Using Pull-Through Sharpeners
2:57 How Important is Blade Centering?
7:38 Best New Fixed Blades of the Year?
12:39 TRM Neutron’s Fast-Swap Handles
13:38 Pocket Clip “Lifters”
14:48 How to Remove Blade Branding
15:56 Properly Handling a Rabid Gnome Infestation

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16 Replies to “KnifeCenter FAQ #123: Are New Fixed Blades Any Good?”

  1. DCA, what is your opinion on handle finger alignments with blades. That is to say, contoured handles smaller top to bottom that results in the bottom edge of the handle is higher than the sharpened edge of the blade or top to bottom size to match the blade? Love the banter between you and Thomas. Good teamwork. Love both new blades for the week and the FAQs.

  2. Can you guys please do a review of the 5.11 CFK 7 Peacemaker? Haven’t seen many reviews on it and I’d love to see your thoughts on it.

  3. The SBSL006BK Spartan-Harsey Fighter is AWESOME! The fact that it's mass-produced by KA-BAR just makes it even better! I love it!

  4. As for budget fixed blades, I've picked up a few from Civivi and Kizer in the last year and have been impressed with the value they offer. The Cabox is quickly becoming my favorite after lopping off the finger ring…the Razel looks to be a good one too. I have a GB midtech I need to find a substitute for…

  5. Hey DCA, since you were talking blade centering, how does one work on improving centering on button locks? Both manual and out the side autos have been much less cooperative in my experience.

  6. @scott Collins. I have over 50 knives in my collection and have purchased even more as gifts. Not "EVERY" knife has a off centered blade lol you must have purchased alot of trash gas station knives hahaha

  7. There is nothing better than fixed blade knives, but they are unfortunately unsuitable for street use as they are too large and cannot be folded
    Their military or police use is possible or maybe only for hunters, their civilian use on the street is not recommended there, in my opinion, only the folding knife is good, because here in Europe you cannot walk on the street with a knife openly (but it is not recommended to walk openly on the street with any weapon even if you have one even)

    There is also the question of what one wants to use that knife for:
    a) For self-defense against a person?
    b) For self-defense against an animal?
    c) Hunting?
    d) For survival?
    A different knife is suitable for each of the four topics

    (For hunting and survival, I would definitely choose the British "Wilkinson Sword Survival Knife by Ray Mears", it was an extremely good design, but I don't think the brits are made anymore, $1,700 each now)

    You open these folded knives very quickly, so I can see that anyone should be careful when talking to you haha
    What are "Razel Nax" and his companions?
    These seem to be made of extremely high-quality steel, but this is a mini cleaver, not a knife

    I know knives: my foster father worked in a slaughterhouse for 30 years, where they butchered 300-400 kg pigs, approximately 1,500 per day on average, but sometimes as many as 5,000
    I know which knife is good for what purpose, there were very professional butchers working there who, with a sudden stab, immediately killed a 300-400 kg pig in an instant, then the next one came and the next one and it went like this in 8 hours, they only dealt with this specifically There were other butchers there, but they were already processing the butchered stabbed animals into pieces not kill them
    (but they also slaughtered bulls there, but a pocket knife is no longer necessary haha)
    There was a separate blood channel built into the concrete and it flowed into the outside channel into the street: it is unbelievable how many rats gathered next to the slaughterhouse because of the freshly spilled blood and there they drank the still warm pig or cattle blood that came from the slaughterhouse through the concrete blood channel flowed through into the canal

    And, unfortunately, I also know the street, I know what kind of knife goes there

  8. Hi there I really hope you get this question so I’m just starting to get into the 100 to 250 dollar range knives and I’m looking for a good one that’s fairly big and it can either be a fixed blade or folder thank you so much love your channel

  9. i recently scaled and cleaned some fish with my mini 945 osborne so i had to clean it , i washed it good dry and then put a little reel oil in the blade joint and the spring lock and now it opens and closes ok but i'm having some lock stick now , and i oiled my bailout and it seems like the knives where better or smoother before all of this , what can i do to get it back smooth again like from the factory , they were broke in pretty good before

  10. In the city, if it's concrete or asphalt, it's a gutter.

    If it's made of dirt or gravel, it's a ditch

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