You’re Killing Your Asparagus if You Do This, 5 MISTAKES You Can’t Afford to Make Growing Asparagus

GROW AN ASPARAGUS PATCH THAT WILL FEED YOU FOR THE NEXT 20+ YEARS! Don’t make these 5 mistakes when growing Asparagus or you will be left with thin stringy asparagus that never produce thick and juicy spears. Continue to make these mistakes and your patch could die off completely.

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17 Replies to “You’re Killing Your Asparagus if You Do This, 5 MISTAKES You Can’t Afford to Make Growing Asparagus”

  1. I have grown all my asparagus from seed and this is the 1st year that we have had a harvest! I am very excited about it!

  2. Question: I planted small crowns last year, and have let all the new shoots fern out this year — is this year one or year two for me?

  3. Great video man I needed this information I just planted some this year from seed so well see keep growing bro

  4. I just planted asparagus from 4 inch pots ftom a garden centre in the fall.
    I guess that's all wrong

  5. This is my 4th year for my asparagus. I do all the things you described except adding more compost on top in the early Spring. Would it be beneficial to do this in the late fall also? I do cover them with a nice thick layer of EZ straw (chopped straw that has no bad stuff) but never knew to add more compost or soil to it. Thanks for the info! I''ll have to wait I guess until next Spring because it's been coming on like gang busters for about 3 weeks now lol.. My 2 mini doxies also love the ends I trim off for a snack!

  6. OMG I know nothing about them and I planted them shallow like strawberries with strawberries! I'm going back and place soil mounds on them. Thank you so much!

  7. I wish I had seen this video 5 years ago. I have been doing it all wrong. Never had a decent crop. And I guess I need to let my Doxies snack on them! LOL

  8. 4 or 5 years ago I got a couple packs of asparagus seeds in a grab bag and had no idea what to do with them so I sprinkled them on top of a 10 gallon garden bag and forgot about them. It looked like every seed germinated! When they were about a foot tall, hubby transplanted them into a flowerbed and they have grown ever since.

  9. This is my asparagus’ 5th or 6th year. It’s been producing those thin ones up until recently. Last year I did as you are saying here to do. Over winter the crown has gotten huge! Also about a month ago I fed it. It’s first handful of spears this year were thin but tender and delicious. Now for the first time it is producing tall fat but still tender and delicious spears. I’m so happy about this and have bought a shade cloth to help it keep from bolting when the temps start heating up. I do too “graze” the asparagus while I’m out in the garden. It is so delicious. Mmmm m. Homegrown. There is nothing like it. And it’s so good for us. I’ve noticed thyme and dill loves to companion grow with the asparagus. Also the healthier the plant becomes the less likely beetles will go after it.
    Thanks for bringing up asparagus. It is the best.

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