Leather Craft Training #4 – Cutting Leather – Basic Skills HD

Learn important basic techniques for leatherwork. A professional in the industry teaches how to cut leather with a rotary cutter, fixed-blade knife, and shears. Beck Leather & Crafts http://www.BeckLeather.com

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  1. is the rotary cutter self sharpening or do you have to keep buying blades can the blades be sharpened even???

  2. Since the original poster hasn't answered this question, I'll take a shot at it. The cutting mat is similar to a piece of smooth conveyor belt material, or the material used to make mudflaps for big trucks.
    I use an OLFA brand cutting mat that has layout lines on it. You can get these in various sizes at any store that caters to quilters.
    For punching holes, use the rubber mat. In a pinch, you can use a piece of soft pine. Anything harder will dull your punch. HTH

  3. Two questions: What is the mat on your work surface made of? What is your technique for cutting rounded corners that must align when a piece is folded?

    Thanks. Useful videos all!

  4. The best way to cut a WWE replica out would be to make a template out of paper first. That way, you can tweak it as much as needed to get it just right. Then you would use that paper pattern to trace out the belt on your leather, and cut it with a basic razor knife.

  5. Which tool would i use if i was makeing a real leather strap for a wwe replica belt? Plz help if anyone knows. Thx..

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