Lechon Kawali

This is how I make my crispy Lechon Kawali.

Ingredients Used:
3 lbs of Pork Belly
2 tbsp of Iodized Salt
Dash of Ground Back Pepper
3 cloves of garlic
2 – 3 pieces of large bay leaves

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  1. You cook amazing. Why don’t you add your recipes on Khal,com. Your recipe will be in the top videos

  2. Congrats…amazing….

    This is the reason why I subscribe…
    Sending my full support my friend…hope you will visit me too…

  3. Idol npasyalan q npoh bahay mo,napinturahan q nren pkibalik ty

    Lechon kawali yummy.

  4. Thank u for sharing your video kapit bisig po tayo para dumami pa tayong ma share na luto sa mga kababayan natin. Ingatpo

  5. Parang ang lutong ng balat. Thank you for sharing your recipe po. Hope you can visit my house po πŸ™‚

  6. I have watched a lot of lechon kawali videos and by far this is the best keep going more videos please 😎

  7. is that deep fry or half fry? kalahati lang 'yong mantika eh? lol. but as long as its krispy ok na! also knife skills is so-so. may be its better to have a heavy sharp chopper than slicing it with what looks like a dull knife. the main instrument for a cook is their knife, its the main and best investment.

  8. The finished product of your cooking is ok. Lechon kawali looks crispy w/c is good enough but the taste I don't know. The required ingredients are simple and always available in every home. The problem in the video is the manner the lechon kawali was cut. The knife used was not sharp enough. The chopping board was small. The last part of the presentation looks messy.

  9. Thank You so much ma’am! Sa sharing . Yummy talaga . Kagutom Watching USA

  10. Bakit di tuloy tuloy ang pag Prieto? As in after 2 hours dun pirtuhin na naman? Thanks

  11. Matalim dapat un gamit mo na kutsilyo ng hindi humiway un balat ng lechon kawali mo…tnx

  12. Mapurol ang kutsilyo, maliit ang sangkalan kaya messy ang execution. Nice try though, put some improvement nxt time.

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