Legends of the Pirates – Speed art (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation

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25 Replies to “Legends of the Pirates – Speed art (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation”

  1. This is awesome! But I'm a little bit disappointed by the lack of "bojler"s 😁

  2. imagine this book just sitting on a study desk, removing all the backdrop

  3. Hello! How are you? I like your videos. Congratulations !!! I invite you to watch my videos too.

  4. It is art??? Drawn its more harder and time consuming. This is just filters transforms etc. :/

  5. you guys should open like a photoshop creations gallery center man! 
    i would like to go in there and see all of your creations!

  6. The details between the book pages was my favorite touch. It's like each page you turn would have a new setting. Love it.

  7. This is true art!!!! This needs to be in the Louvre Museum. I would pay for this

  8. Great video!
    A tutorial instead of speedart would be more useful though…

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