24 Replies to “Lemon Cilantro Chicken Skewers (Pt 2)”

  1. I remember under my balcony at my house, birds loved to make nests there its like a bird hotel for them but free

  2. Must be doubly amazing if he saying whacky stuff such as “shreds like butter”

  3. I think I am in love with your garden. That's huge. Like where do you live, Ahmed? The birds nest is just icing on the cake! So serene and peaceful.

    Oh and the chicken looks great too!

  4. You should open some self brand restaurant series like burak ans ramsay

  5. 2 months later:Lets grill some sparrows totally not foumded under the grill ????

  6. I'm ready for all the grill recipes for the summer. You're making me wish I had an outside grill ???? you can make these in the oven, but they don't taste the same as grilling them outside

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