When it’s all overwhelming.

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12 Replies to “When it’s all overwhelming.”

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  2. I’m trying to combine homemaking AND working out if the house full time. (Long story short, my job covers our health insurance and my husband is building back up from the 2020 chaos).

    I’m trying to do homemaking because it’s cheaper and great skills to practice. But man – am I tired.

    Who’s tired with me? Regardless job outside the house or not. I feel we have to support each other. I admire the full time homemakers – they have some hardcore SKILLS. But the rest of us that need to go to a our outside jobs need tips! Halp!!!

  3. I get overwhelmed too. Watching youtube and so many moms juggling so many tasks. I still haven’t started to bake bread. Im nervous to fail.

  4. I’ve seen people use “mulch glue” for pebble paths or area and it keeps all the rocks in place! Just spray on and let it dry. Might be something that could help keep the gravel on the patio. ????

  5. Lisa, this was such a wise, encouraging video. You words ring very true, in my experience. Thank you for sharing your wisdom as you learn & grow too!

  6. You do seem like a super mom but its so admirable and it shows that when you are diligent and persistent you can do so much as a mother. You should never feel ashamed that you are awesome lol. You are a proverbs 31 woman and we love that. Also looooove NTWAF podcast and Katie. I literally went to bed last night feeling so grateful and awe struck at the inspiration women like you provide on youtube and how awesome it is that each of you are so different and unique. Can we build a little homestead commune with like minded mamas, imagine how amazing that would be !! Thank you for your willingness to share your life with us strangers.

  7. Your hard work is so inspiring, and I’m happy to let you work out the kinks of cheese-making so I know what to do someday when I’m ready to try. 😉 So excited to follow along on your discoveries!!

  8. I love watching these encouraging videos. Everyone has something they're good at. Sometimes we just have to keep searching until we find it. It's the spice of life. We are all unique.

  9. Lisa, your outdoors looks great. Sand, stain and then put Thompson's Water Seal on your outdoor table and benches and just brush on a layer of Thompson's every Spring and your table will be beautiful every year. That stuff really sheds water very well. 🙂
    Great video and content for new home makers/Mom's. I am so glad you did this. I am a Mom of 3, Grandma to 16 and I still am learning and changing up the way I do things but once you get into a routine of doing, it gets easier. It also gets easier as you children grow. The older ones watch out for the younger ones and it does get easier. You are so right. At some point, you just have to do it. Awesome content. Hope many take it to heart. Believe me, yes, you have good days and not so good days, but the good far outweighs the bad and when the last child leaves the nest and starts their own journey, I know from my own experience, I miss those busy busy days and all the laundry and wiping of hand prints and cleaning dirty faces. Then I got grand babies and It started again. I LOVE my life. Wouldn't have it any other way. Some of our kids homeschool their kids and we are helping with all that also. Love looking at life through the eyes of a child again.

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