LET'S GO TO CANADA | Visiting Joey

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21 Replies to “LET'S GO TO CANADA | Visiting Joey”

  1. Hi Danielle! I hope you're having an awesome day 💗. I just discover your chanel like 2 days ago and I'm just addicted to your videos and your bf videos too!.When I sarted to see them,was like I already know you,like you're very close to your followers in your videos,idk hahaha. Last months I was a little lost about who I am and what to do,but since I discover you, ,you make me change my mind. Its like all of you is hapiness and a girl so funny ,and you transmit that to me. I start to think that life is that, good vibes. And thanks you for that,its so cool discover people like you, who have a goal in life and do all for it. I just come here to say that,i love your style and your perspective of fashion, you're so nice and I hope someday I can meet you! By the way, I'm from Spain ,I'm 16 y.o and my name is Myriame. And you two (joey and you) really have to come to Spain some summer,you'll love this country! And yeah,thats all, thanks for be so you and for change my point of view of the life, I'm so thankful!! Love you so much, xx ❣

  2. Next time you're in Canada you should do a favourite things video ft. stuff you can only get in Canada.

  3. PLEASE post the link to these sneakers i want them so badly!!!! xx (and the adidas ones too!!!) xxxxx

  4. Danielle you literally thrive when you're with Joey. You're already such a happy and positive person but when you guys are together you can just see he brings out the absolute best in you. Y'all are the cutest!!! Xoxo 💕

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