Let's Try Custard Apple

Hmm confusing fruit. #shorts

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23 Replies to “Let's Try Custard Apple”

  1. That is the most I ripe custard apple I’ve ever seen one it’s ripen and brown it’s the best thing of all time

  2. Yeah that's not ripe, if it's ripe the flesh should be really soft and juicy

  3. u have to put that inside of a dry rice bucket or rice sack so it will cook.

  4. I remember tasting this and thinking it tastes like a mango but somehow sweeter. The one you are eating does not look ripe at all because the inside of a custard apple is super soft and creamy.

  5. Custard Apple ( or Buddha’s Head) as it’s called in Taiwan 🇹🇼 is a delicious local delicacy.
    Buy it, keep it at room temperature until it’s soft & ripe then put it in the fridge for a few hrs to a day or 2. Eat it as a sweet custard like cold dessert on a hot summer day. You’ll thank me later.

  6. If you remember the Krabby patty people keep saying that the secret ingredient is a KRAB MEAT and I know the developer of SpongeBob said there's no meat people disagree and say that the krusty KRAB look like a krab trap….

  7. Bro this fruit is soooooo good in Pakistan and soo sweet when it’s ripe freaking soo good

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