30 Replies to “Sandwich shouldn’t stuck in ur throat, it should be juicy! #shorts”

  1. Quick question! I do post shorts and videos more than 1 min. And looks like people who watching shorts don’t watch them. So we have 2 ways: 1st you go watch it and turn 🔔 on or I can post 2 videos including “short” version. Let me know

  2. italian food =🥖+🧀+🧄+🥫+ and how you mix this ingredients 🤔🤔

  3. Please cook Japanese food from Naruto I beg you I asked you so much, please Please, please, believe me, I asked you so much So please cook naruto ramen 🖤🖤❤❤💖💖💖

  4. Alcuni panini non hanno bisogno di salse, ad esempio pane e porchetta non ha bisogno di nient'altro

  5. i’m on a trip in italy right now for the summer, and the bruschetta and caprese i’ve had so far has been amazing. love the content man 😂

  6. Do cancook burger or another foods u know it but do one of your foods name cancook food

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