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They’re back! Here’s how NewJeans are styling up in our 501® family of fits for the season.

Notice anything special about their jeans? In the spirit of customization, Levi’s® tailors from around the world added their own finishing touches. So whether you want to create something new or customize an existing piece, the Levi’s® Tailor Shop offers the services you need to personalize your look.

Inspired by NewJeans. Customized at the Levi’s® Tailor Shop. How will you wear yours?

To shop Levi’s® in your country:
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PHILIPPINES: https://www.levi.com.ph/collections/women/newjeans/501-customization
SINGAPORE: https://www.levi.com.sg/collections/women/newjeans/501-customization
THAILAND: https://www.levi.co.th/collections/women/newjeans/501-customization

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