Look What's In Grandma's Kitchen Cabinet!

Look What’s In Grandma’s Kitchen Cabinet!

This woman was away in Texas helping her daughter for five months.

When she returned she noticed very finely chewed up pieces of styrofoam on her stove top range underneath her kitchen cabinet.

Little did she know that honey bees had built their hive on the inside of her cabinets!

I was called in to save the colony & remove them from her kitchen. She was a very happy lady when I was done, let me tell you!

This has to be one of the stranger bee removals I’ve ever done!

It’s not a very long video but it does a great job showcasing how honey bees will colonize just about anything given the opportunity.

JP the bee man is a live honey bee removal specialist who fools with bees roughly ten months of the year & resides in Metairie, Louisiana which is a suburb of New Orleans.

JP will go just about anywhere for bee work.

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30 Replies to “Look What's In Grandma's Kitchen Cabinet!”

  1. Although not one of my full blown videos it does a great job showcasing how honey bees colonize strange places!

    This video was filmed almost entirely with an iPhone, “vertically.”

    I had to utilize all my editing skills so you wouldn’t have to watch a narrow video with black space on both sides of the screen, I hate that btw! 😄

    Has to be one of strangest locations I’ve removed bees from.

    Hope you enjoy it! ✌🏻🐝

  2. I opened a drawer once inside my mobile home camp on the lake and bumblebees came out…at night! Scared me to death!

  3. You might have answered this in another video or spoke about it, but how do bees react when you add them to another hive? Is it a natural reaction for them to just fit right in or can there be issues like how there can be with introducing a new queen?

  4. I've always wanted to be the 1000th person to like a video and I'm glad it always this one I got to do it to!

  5. That maybe the bee movie too. No wonder there isnt a second one. It got canceled by him XD

  6. Wow that lady is going to get repeat visits unless she fills that hole in now. Other swarms will smell the hive and come in. Nice video

  7. Thanks for the videos! Theybare all great! Can you share what you use to edit? My 10-yr-old and I are just starting to play with making videos for YouTube.

  8. That's crazy! But bees will build anywhere if they find a good spot. I think the lady lucked out she came home when she did, it does look like they were there long and it was a small swarm that moved in.

  9. Hi JP! I just watched a documentary on African killer bees. In the documentary the only way they would get rid of them was by killing them. Have you ever come across this type of bee and should they be killing them? In Arizona they are all over and in some places they are killing people or seriously hurting people. What should be done?

  10. How does this only have 16k views, this should have at least 800k or close to a million!

  11. Hello again JP. Do you keep all the bees you catch or do you sell some? an what kind of Queen bee do you like best?

  12. Thanks jpbeeman for another great video! Wondering if you could do a video on your bee hives bee great to see them…😉

  13. Very nicely edited JP!!! Short, sweet, and to the point. Just like those adorable honeybees! Take care.

  14. I would of left it, grab a knife, open the door get some fresh honey for the toast,.or put a piece of glass over it an you have a observation hive 😎😎😎

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