White Girl Wig Buying Guide

I hope this answers a lot of your questions about the light lace and where to get wigs. Let me know what you think. thumbs up if you enjoyed it 🙂

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  1. Listen I don’t see anything racist about this video!! I live in a really rural area and the closest wig store to me to get wigs in kerosene is 3hrs away in Lexington ky and no lie out of about 100 wings in that store maybe 1 wig was more of a look for a white girl to wear, all over wigs were made for African American women, I’m so glad you did this video love!! Being newly bald due to chemo for breast cancer I am having the hardest time getting wigs that I can see in person and buy and like I said the wig stores I’ve found to go too mostly are made not for white girls so any info you can give me on good trustworthy wigs I can buy online please let me know

  2. COOL,I love your channel, I buy the same product from newigstyle..com three days ago, shipped by DHL,wonderful quality !!!

  3. I review wigs and can’t afford the human hair ones. I have found that the synthetic wigs with HD lace from Sensationnel and Outre have light toned lace.

  4. I’m Caucasian and always wear Outre, Janet Collection, Bobbi Boss, Model Model, etc and the HD lace wigs are always light toned. Plus several other non HD lace ones work well too. One suggestion: you mention wearing wigs for hair loss, but ALOT of us wear them for fashion, so I would include mentioning what the lace wigs will be like for people with hair, and take into consideration that they are worn for fashion too.

  5. Very beautiful video,four days ago I purchased the wonderful one from newigstyle

  6. Where are you? Just wondering how you are. You helped me with your videos. Thank you!!! Come back soon!

  7. I don't get the whole "white girl wig" thing. There are so many huge wig e-tailers and retailers that carry all manner of style, texture, color of wig. And I see so many black women wearing wigs that don't look natural on them. So why the condescending tutorial directed at white women specifically? If I want to find a wig, I can google what I want.

  8. I'm happy you mentioned rpg, wigs are a good quality unit I want to purchase I'm black I have alopecia sooo I wear units thank you

  9. I was excited to listen to your video, but the two synthetic options you mention don't seem to be available in Canada… 🙁

  10. Why I have to see a beautiful video and then read the comments we are people have to throw in the race card. Come on get real there is white people there are black people there are medium tone people. This video is an older video now we can’t say male or female because now it’s non-gender give me a break people wake up to the stupidity that is in this world today. That’s all I have to say these comments that people make just are so ridiculous that they make me crazy

  11. i do have a question they have these wig grip wig caps do u know anything about them are they better then the glue. they seem to be alot better, but can they be put up in a ponytail

  12. OMG. IF ANYBODY is calling this racist, they need to be locked up in a straight jacket to get electroshock because you live in a fantasy world where you will never succeed as long as you continue to spew this bullshit out and play the victim with that hilarious race card. Many white people want to wear wigs, and is is a FACT that the hair between ethnicities are very very different. Are you stupidly arguing that? Our skin color and tone is different. Are you upset with that statement ,too? God forbid somebody addresses the unique problems faced by the Caucasian woman, because that too is a FACT . RACISM IS ALIVE IN AMERICA AND ITS COMING FROM YOU AND OTHER MISGUIDED PEOPLE. STOP ALREADY. Hell, there’d be riots in the streets of America if there was a network called CET (Caucasian entertainment television). Just grow up.

  13. This is so helpful to me. Lost all my hair due to an autoimmune disorder and am having trouble finding wigs that work. Thanks so much for posting.

  14. Most of the wig stores in my area are geared towards black women. While they have nice products, there is a difference in the color of the lace (they're all way too dark and fake looking on me) and how the hair is textured, Etc.. Wigs that look beautiful on the shelf look horrible on me because they don't fit my ethnicity and look really fake. For example, women try on wigs that look great, but on me they look crazy thick (caucasians often have finer, somewhat thinner hair) and look fro-ish. Of course, people tend to get ticked off when white women have that kind of hair-do, even if it's natural, so half the wigs in the store are off limits.

    So yes there are wigs for black women and wigs for Caucasians. That isn't racist; it's just a fact. There are many things such as hair care, skin care, Etc that are different for the average black woman versus the average Caucasian woman. You have to do what fits you.

  15. I know this utube was years ago, but I would like to know the supplier of wigs your getting from and also the style of your RPG hair. Thanks

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