Love & Best Dishes: Confetti Chicken Salad Recipe | Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

Confetti Chicken Salad Recipe | Rotisserie Chicken Recipes – Paula loves rotisserie chicken recipes, and this chicken pasta recipe is a great easy chicken recipe for lunch or dinner!
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Confetti Chicken Salad Recipe:
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28 Replies to “Love & Best Dishes: Confetti Chicken Salad Recipe | Rotisserie Chicken Recipes”

  1. What are your favorite onions to cook with? I've always loved a Vidalia onion whenever I can get my hands on 'em!

  2. It is obvious Eddie is not a person that likes to boast or talk about himself OR HIS TALENTS!!!….absolutely brilliant what he is creating!! Eddie should have his own art gallery!!! Offer paintings for sale online….add a link to the gallery so we can buy!!! Could paint on so many types of mediums….Love, love what he is doing!!! 💕

  3. Oh Paula, that painting that Eddie is doing is the most beautiful painting I’ve ever seen. It’s going to make a beautiful room even more beautiful. Thank you and Eddie for showing it to us. And Teresa you are doing a wonderful job being a camera woman. Thank you for that and all the things you do to make a good show for us.

  4. I want an Eddie 😍. You are blessed with great people like Theresa, Mike, Bobby, Claudia, Jamie and the rest.🥰

  5. Holy crap! Paula has not been joking about Eddie this entire time. Just standing on a sink making a masterpiece on her walls at all those angles. Incredible. How awesome to have a guy who can and will do that for your bathroom decor!

  6. Oh my goodness, Eddie is doing such a beautiful job on those walls. He is so talented! And that Chicken Salad looks delicious, too!

  7. I just think the world of you Miss Paula. My family went on a cruise of yours year's ago and they loved it. I have diabetes and an trying to loose some weight. Like A LOT OF WEIGHT. Any advice because I am researching all these different diets but since your hubby is a diabetic I thought I would inquire with y'all. Thank y'all n God Bless

  8. Love the ease of just throwing it all together…it's toooo hot to cook… this will be perfect!!!!! Thanks Paula!

  9. In addition to being a super nice man, Eddie is also a very talented one. His artwork is so beautiful. Paula, you are so lucky to have him on your team. ❤❤❤

  10. At 51 I finally figured out chicken thighs are the best. I’ve always eaten chicken legs

  11. Oh man, that salad is right down my alley. I will make a humongous bowl of it to keep around. On the side I'll add some of my homemade jalapeno salsa. Btw, the wallpaper Eddie is creating is absolutely magnificent!!

  12. "Keep your hands off my Eddie! 🤣…..we all need an Eddie! What a phenomenal job on the wall painting❣️ such inspiration!!

  13. How lucky you are to have 'your Eddy' Paula. Good on you too Theresa for stepping up for camera duties too.

  14. Well the chicken salad looked delicious, but Eddie's artwork stole my heart. Gorgeous!!!

  15. This episode is so blurry: 🙁 Anyone else think so or is it me? I have my settings on best quality. But yes! Eddie that's beautiful! 💯

  16. This whole video is pretty much out of focus. Somebody needs to wear glasses. LOL

  17. You lost me at rotisserie chicken…………….a wasteful purchase.

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