NFC Ring Review NEAR!! field communication

NFC Ring Review NEAR!! field communication. If you are interested in this cool little ring check out this site click show more to see more links

LInk to the ring that i got from amazon

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27 Replies to “NFC Ring Review NEAR!! field communication”

  1. I just watched a video on a woman taking the strip out her NFC BUSS PASS CARD

    I think I noticed with the S4, it read what was on the ring or on the NFC strip, was it just a link to a website???

    Can I do that with my SAMSUNG batteries??

    What can or does a Samsung NFC battery do or hold???

    My Galaxy S5 batties kept messing up I don't why they messed up, and I kept buying new batteries till i put that phone up,

    I've been wanting a NFC ring and now I've been learning about what was messing up my battery..

    Someone said to take the battery out of the phone and put it in a cradle charger to charge it..not to charge batteries in phones that that cord port is for media transferring, just like charging a battery not in a car is safer then jumping a battery in car (because jumping a battery in a car can blow fuses and fry the computer system) like when you test a an S5 by unlocking the Developer hidden feature is like the analysis diagnostic checking machine for cars

    How do you find out what's possible OR COMPATIBLE for Samsung batteries Near Field Communications ???

    It's also has a chip???

  2. So, if someone finds / borrows your ring without asking, they can rack up your bank card and enter your home among other things?

  3. How i can set my private program in this and work with own device?
    For example i creat a somthing and this work with nfc! Now, how i can set own config in this nfc ring???
    PLS help me

  4. Could probably do a small pilot hole, or cut out in the area of the case where the phone can read it best

  5. Alguem fala pra que serve esse anel ,em portugues por favor ate agora ninguem fala

  6. so the question is: will that ring still be scannable to log into my gmail on the laptop?

  7. You need to go higher on the Nexus 6 I haven't had any issues using NFC even with a case on my Nexus 6

  8. the nfc antenna on nexus 6 is on the top side of the phone near the rear camera.

  9. what model is the white samsung look like note 4 or samsung j5 thanks for reply

  10. Dude! you have to turn NFC on your Nexus 6 for it to work LOL! I don't see the notification icon on top that shows you have it turned on. That might help 🙂

  11. If I get this, I can make some mods with tasker! I made one for Pressy which makes one click scroll down and two clicks scroll down. If you got one, I made a video on it so you can try it

  12. Would the NFC tasks app help set up something between two NFC enabled devices?

  13. That actually looks pretty cool.  I'm wondering if the tags work better than the ring because of the shape.  The tags pretty much make flat contact onto the back of the phone while the ring has a curvature that the NFC tag needs to wrap around.  This would mean less surface area to make contact.  I'm not sure, I'm just guessing.

    The other thing that would trip me up is the fact that without a close viewing of the ring, I don't think I would be able to tell the difference between the 2 sides and I would think that it may be tough to choose the correct side for what you need to do.

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