While at home, I got word from my neighbours that my dock had moved and my ramp had fallen off and was in the water… After a stressful trip to the property, I managed to get things sorted out with the assistance of my 6 year old son who proved to be super helpful! Learning lessons every day up here. Thanks for following the journey!

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  1. Great videos ty, ideal put used tires on the sides of the dock. Is there a metal cuping mount for the ramp to sit. So that the dock can still move but it has a hard stop prevent it leaving deck.

  2. There is something I don't understand. When the water is at its lowest the landing has to stay on the dock, but when the water rises the landing will travel a long way onto the dock (basic geometry). But i see no wheels or "skies" or anything similar?
    If the idea is that the landing is supposed to push the dock out and drag it in depending on waterhight I suppose that there should be some kind of semi-flexible coupling between them. But the landing needs some reinforcement, it is not strong enough for that kind of sideway forces.
    I am not familiar with that big changes in waterhight but the principle is the same as when we make docks here. The lower the water the more "slack" in the chains and the dock can move around more. With that long landing I would say that there are challenges on the horizon, and the bigger the dock the larger is the mass "when the going gets tough"…

  3. I believe it is Murphy's Law – Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong; and at the most inopportune time.

  4. “Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent”. Keep pressing on Jesse! Much respect!

  5. Might I suggest you loosely chain the ramp to the dock, the dock/ramp can still move but not so much as to separate.

  6. There’s an old saying, “Don’t turn your back on Mother Nature, because she’ll kick you in the arse”. How someone deals with the hard moments in life is a good measure of their character – and you seem to have that well under control. Love your work.

  7. Hire a diver to raise your lost anchors. An air bag they fill should float them. Then reposition them and attach them where you need them.

  8. Well done … why not anchor your ramp to the doc with some chain. Let it float a foot or so but not more then that?

  9. Newton and Murphy are kinda friends with the sandwich landing on the jam side.

  10. With the rise and lowering on the dock, it will be hard to keep the lines under tension, and with the prevailing winds, which I know can blow continually, it's going to be difficult to keep the varying tension to keep things in place.

    One dock setup I have seen, is with two anchor points that are attached, that will span from one corner to another through a pulley system (I saw it done with cable. and in-between the two anchor points (pulleys) there was a counterweight anchor that was also on a pulley that would keep tension on the cable, and keep the dock in place. as the water rose, the counterweight would get lifted, through the pulley system and lowered as needed. The other option would be to put a couple pilings on the front end of the dock to hold it in place, and have steel or wooden loops to allow the rise and falls, but would keep your ramp end aligned. Could even string a chain from the shore to each of the corner of the far end of the dock to keep the end from drifting too far out.

  11. by the way did you get the barrel back or it's now floating around the lake.

  12. you are learning a whole new set of skills there samurai, keep going, love all the videos

  13. attach a "clump weight" part way down your diagonal dock chains to maintain constant tension at any lake level…that way as lake levels change the chains always maintain tension

  14. I was sitting on the throne thinking about what a Farmer would do. when it struck me, "I am not a farmer" and my whole plan hinged on a big red balloon and a drum. Yep, a farmer would not do it this way, not even a rigger, but a carpenter/cabinet maker would. And it worked!

  15. Bounce napkin math: the weight of the displacement. Aka 55 gal(barrel) of water 460 ish, 460 of lifting force.

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