Love & Best Dishes: Grandmother's Chess Pie Recipe | Southern Dessert Ideas

Grandmother’s Chess Pie Recipe | Southern Dessert Ideas – Paula loves old fashioned desserts, and this classic chess pie recipe with cornmeal, a type of egg custard pie, is no exception!
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Grandmother’s Chess Pie Recipe:
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30 Replies to “Love & Best Dishes: Grandmother's Chess Pie Recipe | Southern Dessert Ideas”

  1. I just love your cooking videos. Love, Love, Love……..your best dishes!

  2. Speaking of zest….how's Aunt Peggy? I always think of her "jest" every time you say zest….❤❤❤

  3. I wouldn’t think that it would be safe to bake waxed paper. It seems like it would catch on fire. Or it could. And some of that wax could come off on the bottom of the pie crust.

  4. Where can I find the PD 3 pc set of striped Melamine mixing bowls?

  5. Our chess pie does not have lemon and it is like a pecan without pecans. And my grandson’s favorite pie is a chocolate chess pie!

  6. In 1982 "The Cook's Magazine" ran an article on Chess pies. Their explanation of the pies was that they were usually very sweet and would be served after dinner. The recipe that they offered was made with walnuts and raisins. I'm guessing it would have been more of a fall or winter pie. Long story short I made it and truly enjoyed it. Thanks for bringing back that memory. BTW, I still have the magazine. Looking forward to making yours soon. Thanks

  7. Omargarsh! It is not Thanksgiving with my Southern family without chess pies being a part of the gathering!!!!🥧❤️🥧❤️🥧

  8. This pie looks delicious! It sliced so nicely too. I don't mind a Pillsbury pie crust in a pinch, but there is a difference between that and a homemade crust, if you have the time. I could really go for a piece of that pie now!!!

  9. Brought up eating chess pie in Tennessee No corn meal in our recipe. Some folks here in FL tried to make grits pies but it was a chess pie recipe .

  10. Couple of things I do differently. When I make a pie I use the same crust you used. BUT… I use an 8” round cake pan, Instead of a pie pan. I spray it with non-stick spray. And When I lay my pie crust down, I take my knuckle, and push the crust all around the bottom of the sides to make enough room for my filling. I take a fork and prick the bottom of the crust, same as you. And I never cook the crust prior to baking. The bottom of the crust crisps up perfectly , and never raw!!

  11. The first time I ever heard of a "chess pie" was about 30 years ago in the movie "Ruby in Paradise" witn Ashley Judd in the lead role as Ruby.

  12. Wonderful-looking Chess Pie! Never heard of such a pie until I lived in Tennessee. My southern friends would bring a nice chess pie to pot luck luncheons, along with pulled pork sandwiches and sweet iced tea. We had so much fun. Thanks for this wonderful recipe, Paula!

  13. Paula, I could never find a good recipe that my mom liked. I had an aunt in Kentucky that would make chess pie for my mom whenever we went to visit my dads family in Kentucky. After she passed my mom would ask me to make her a chess pie. I went on the internet and got so many recipes, but my mom would say , it’s not the same. Yours with cornmeal might have made the difference. But my mom passed away in 1983. I think of her often. Thank You Paula for bringing back fond memories. Bless You. 🦋

  14. wow looks so good can not wait to try this. have a great day Paula and Theresa !!!

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