Love & Best Dishes: The Best Bread Pudding Recipe | Easy Desserts To Make

The Best Bread Pudding Recipe | Easy Desserts To Make – Jamie Deen is showing how to make bread pudding recipe in oven. Get this recipe for a delicious bread pudding with custard now!
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The Best Bread Pudding Recipe:
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20 Replies to “Love & Best Dishes: The Best Bread Pudding Recipe | Easy Desserts To Make”

  1. It’s got it good!… look at all those rich ingredients! … don’t eat it if you are watching your diet!????… it sure looks good!

  2. My mother ruined both bread and rice puddings for me. She made both a lot and they were always burnt yet mushy at the same time. I see bread pudding and it looks so yummy but I'm always scared to try it because I'm afraid that it'll be like how my mother made it. I know it won't, but I can't get over it.

  3. Best bread pudding I ever had came from the Bon Ton restaurant in New Orleans. I begged for the recipe and it was graciously given to me. They used a whole loaf of day old french bread and rye whiskey….heavenly

  4. Both of those Deen boys are great chefs and are so handsome! Love their recipes.

  5. I make mine and let it soak in the refrigerator for a good 8 hours or longer. I normally make this for a family dinner when I have most of the family over. I however have to make it in a Tin Pan made for Lasagna because the kiddos love it. I also make this and a French Toast Bake when I am cleaning out the entire house (regular refrigerator and freezer as well as the deep freezer and 2nd refrigerator/freezer) too. I am about to do that again soon. I normally stick everything possible in one refrigerator and clean one, and then everything freezer wise goes into the deep freezer. After both refrigerators are cleaned out I then start planning. I will say though that if you make this and add “Dried Fruit” that you have soaked in Brandy or heck… “Jack Daniel’s” for pete sake then you’re really doing it good. I made one with “JD” and assorted dried fruits, added a whole bag (medium bag) of Pecan’s between the mix and the topping into that big pan and it was gone within 1 hour of it coming out of the oven.

  6. My family (especially my oldest son) makes this, BUT, we prefer Woodford Reserve Bourbon. So VERY delicious!
    ???? ???? ♥️

  7. Love, Love, Love Jaime and Bobbi and the entire Paula Deen Family – Paula Deen is awesome !

  8. Love to see Jamie doing easy and delicious recipes! Looks so good and easy enough to do any time. I think I might add raisins to it!

  9. I remember my grandma made bread pudding often, and I would not even try it. Dumb move on my part. When I got older, I found that I loved it! I really hate that I never tried grandma's. I bet it was amazing. My loss! Great to see Jamie! Hope ya'll have a great week ahead and God bless!

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