The Ultimate Companion Flower!

Want more vegetables, more pollinators and fewer pests in your garden? Then you need to grow companion flowers! Marigolds are one of the very best companion plants. Their cheerful colours are just the start of the long list of reasons to grow them and you can start by sowing them right now!

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The Best Flowers to Boost Vegetable Gardens

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19 Replies to “The Ultimate Companion Flower!”

  1. Super easy to save seed. Tie a string around favorite flower and take the seeds before they are lost.

  2. Even if I grew nothing at all, your main videos, full of enthusiasm & fantastic advice brighten my day. Thank you ✌️❤️????

  3. Yes Sir! Couldn't agree with you more! I always buy a little at my local garden center early in the season so I already have some in bloom to help deter pests early on in the season then add in my own home grown ones that haven't bloomed yet a little later on. I also direct seed some too in random spots that have extra space and dig them up to be transplanted wherever needed. I companion plant them with ALL of my edibles.

  4. I bought seeds for two types of marigolds this year – white Kilimanjaro and Sugar and spice marigold. I can't wait to see how do they look like in my mini garden ????

  5. I love marigolds. They are good flowers to grow in the garden ????????

  6. What's the best time to sow marigolds ?ln order to have flowers in early summer.

  7. Also they distroy pest and some weeds such as mares tails… The Incas grew them to keep the soil clean for growing potatoes… Fabulous plants

  8. Hi Ben, I plan on growing the tall kind this year. I like the normal flowers better then the pompom ones and they are better for the bees. What kind are you growing this year?

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