Why Fabric Pots Are Superior to All Other Options

If you are into container gardening you will have heard of fabric pots, or you will at some point. They are our favorite option and in today’s episode we will hopefully change your mind on them as well!

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22 Replies to “Why Fabric Pots Are Superior to All Other Options”

  1. I just got my fabric pots today! Perfect timing. You missed low cost as a big pro for fabric! High quality 10 gal I got 5 for $40 including shipping.

  2. Any suggestions for something to help retain water? I am disabled with no outdoor water tap so have to carry water jugs outside for my fabric pots. Needless to say, this makes things very difficult. Thought of adding some sort of sponges to the bottom….. thoughts?

  3. I have tried terracota, plastic and felt pots. I do prefer some big, black, plastic ones for the blueberry bushes. The fabric ones are awesome. I grow tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and we are now trying sweet potatoes. My eggplants will be next… Rosita's from MIgardener! These felt pots are really great. Totally agree. Perfect for our tiny greenhouse.

  4. Great video, Luke! I wish I had seen a video like this two years ago when I first started growing in grow bags. Your mention of setting the grow bags in a tray to catch runoff is something I started doing last year and it made a big difference in how often I had to water. From my experience I find that with more shallow rooted plants (lettuce, spinach and such) I can water and let the bags sit in the tray for several hours if needed until the excess water has been wicked back up. With plants with deeper root systems (peppers and tomatoes) and with carrots and parsnips I found it best to only let the bags sit in the water filled trays for a few hours or so because as the roots got deeper they seemed to getting more waterlogged. I'm going to try potatoes and sweet potatoes in containers for the first time this year and I'm looking forward to seeing how the grow bags compare to plastic pots. Thanks again for sharing such useful info!

  5. Well Luke, great episode. Thank you so much for all this valuable information! I'm sold!!! I love this option!

  6. I tried growing potatoes, carrots, and radishes in 20 gallon fabric pots and it was an epic fail. This was me. Others may have a great success with them. They did do good at holding a few peach trees over, until I was ready to plant them. ????

  7. Luke, I live in the Colorado mountains, and for those in dry climates while you in your area may not have an issue when I tried the cloth pots I was watering more than double what I do for plastic.

    My other issue is that there is really no way to sterilize these pots except by boiling water and covering them with the water and that takes energy to boil the water and at least for us here in the mountains energy costs have gone through the roof.

    We are on well water and the extra water taxes our well.

    I am not trying to be Debbie downer here just want to point out locational differences that some may have.

    On an even more LOL moment rolling those sides down to transplant/up-pot is no fun been there and tried that all I will say is it took two of us to do it and in the end, we ended up cutting most of the pots as it was cheaper than getting a divorce lol.

    Most of my 5-gallon pots are almost 10 years old and I got them for free and reuse them year after year.

    Again just want to point out more info I grow over 25 peppers and 25 tomato plants each year so for me I do not share the love you have for them.

    Have a wonderful day I enjoy the videos but hope you are ok with agreeing to disagree on this one.

  8. Last season we added fabric pots of all different sizes from 3 gal to 30 gallons for potatoes. Some vegetables did better than others. That might be the chemtrails as well. Anyway, big question how do you clean them at the end of the season! What a mess! I just put them in the horse trailer and will pull them out in the spring fingers crossed!

  9. Luke- your prices are great on fabric pots! I just bought mine. ???? I will love them too ❣️

  10. The downside I found for fabric pots is they dry out very quickly. I plan to try putting a reservoir in the bottom this year to see if that helps.

  11. I'll be trying out unglazed terra cotta pots this summer as an "Olla watering system " for my raised beds. We will definitely be removing them for the following winter season. We use the fabric pots for potatoes. They grow awesome in them. Love your videos Luke. ????

  12. Luke, this video was like a breath of fresh air. Fabric pots are now on my radar; and radar says you got em; some tri- fecta and vermiculite and I'll be growing big! Thanks

  13. I filled two of the 6' raised bed smartpots on my trex deck today and then was told they would ruin the wood frame underneath over time. I really wish they hadn't advertised decks as a good space to put them. I was alone and only able to move one today. It was a painful lesson for sure. That aside, on a safer surface I really like the size of these particular ones!

  14. Regarding the composition of these pots, are they natural material, or man-made (polypropylene)? If the latter, wouldn't it be a possible net negative to your own health and that of your surrounding environment to constantly be shedding tiny microplastics into the air and water? It would be sick irony for the throngs of gardeners who love nature to adopt this tech whilst undermining their own deeply held philosophies.

  15. This is my very first garden and fabric pots blew my mind. They are so much more affordable at larger sizes than anything else out there. I got my 40 gallon ones for around $10 each.

  16. In southern california fabric pots dry out super fast. takes a lot more water than plastic pots especially less than 10 gallons.

  17. Luke your content is exceptional for the Midwest gardener. Can't speak for those unlucky enough not to be in the Midwest. ???????? Keep up the good work. I'm supporting your retail business in appreciation.

  18. Hi Luke! Should we wash the fabric pots or soak them for some time
    before we use them??

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