Patek Philippe Calatrava: Worth It? Swiss Dress Watch Review

Our review of the Calatrava, to help you decide whether it’s worth the investment or not:

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→ Script: Jack Collins & Nathan Price
→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Jonathan Oster
→ Supervision: Preston Sclueter & Jack Collins
→ Patek Philippe

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00:00 Patek Philippe Calatrava Introduction

Patek Philippe is often considered one of the top luxury watchmakers and Calatrava is one of Patek Philippe’s most iconic models. It has been worn by many notable people throughout the years including politicians, dignitaries & royalty.

01:10 Patek Philippe History

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839 and named after two of its founders; Antoine Norbert de Patek, and Jean Adrien Philippe. The company quickly began establishing its reputation of greatness, with many notable achievements in its first 100 years.

Following the successes of the Calatrava models thus far, Patek Philippe introduced the Ref. 2526 in 1953. This marks the very first entry to the Calatrava family with an automatic movement. Although the Calatrava had seen many variations on the exact designs of the Calatrava line by the early ‘70s, perhaps the most famous Calatrava was soon to be introduced in 1973, the Ref. 3520, with it’s iconic “hobnail” bezel design.

02:53 Notable Calatrava Designs

06:00 Why is the Calatrava so Iconic?

This watch could be considered the “ultimate” dress watch. The majority of the Calatrava collection possesses a clean, simple design. The attention to simple elegance means the Calatrava typically looks great with pretty much anything.

The thing about timelessly designed watches is their ability to be passed down through generations. In other words, part of the iconography of Calatrava is its heirloom status. And, another reason for the iconic status is the fact it’s so often faked. “Fake”, we are mainly referring to the counterfeits out there.

08:45 What Makes it So Expensive?

Perhaps one of the biggest factors pushing up the price is the level of exclusivity. Patek Philippe only produces around 60,000 watches annually and focuses on slow, considered manufacture instead of matching the volume of other watchmakers. The use of some of the highest quality and rare materials is another factor that influences not only the waiting time but the overall cost of a Calatrava.

10:52 So, Is It Worth It?

We consider the Calatrava to be worth it: → If you value the heritage of the brand,
→ If you value the in-house movement,
→ And if you want it to become an heirloom piece
→ If you value versatility

Calatrava is not worth it if: → You simply like the look
→ If you’re looking for a watch with several functions

12:48 Outfit Rundown

11 Replies to “Patek Philippe Calatrava: Worth It? Swiss Dress Watch Review”

  1. Not really sure about this watch —or any other PP, as a matter of fact. For example, I’d always choose an Omega DeVille (such as the Prestige) over a PP Calatrava. Nothing special about it for that price range.

  2. Both Antoni Patek and Franciszek Czapek were Polish immigrants. They started many years earlier in Geneva. Later in 1851 they "connected" bussiness with Adrien Philippe.

  3. Hi, can you guys do a video on Peter Christian clothing? They are a British brand and expensive and I like how they look and was wondering if they are good quality and worth buying. They have a USA website. Thanks!

  4. If you can comfortably afford a new Calatrava buy a used Patek minute repeater pocket watch instead :^)

  5. I dont need an ID enhancer. I recoil at the mere thought of the consumer trap. I refuse to support an opaque company in a neutral country with a higher standard of living than my own.

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