Major Fridge and Pantry Cleanout + Cooking all the things

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19 Replies to “Major Fridge and Pantry Cleanout + Cooking all the things”

  1. Curious to know if you make your own baby food or if that's something you purchase? I don't have any baby's (my youngest is 13 haha) but I'd love to see how you make and store it, if you in fact make it.

  2. I would love to really learn to cook am more a baker but still haven’t learned to make starter …

  3. How lucky your husband is to have found you !???? I was an assistant chef & house husband for 8 years ! Cooking, cleaning, gardening, putting laundry on the line. Although I am now a widower a few years ago 9/11, my wife died in accident. Although I still grieve, I wouldn't hesitate to marry a woman like you in a heartbeat ! ????☝️????

  4. I've seen you do so very many things but not canning foods .do you do canning? Pressure or waterbath

  5. Great video. What a great idea with the sausage, apples and kraut. What kind of pan is that your using to cook it in?

  6. I just did a good clean out of my small double door fridge…and I like to also take frozen food to defrost..but I normally try to make a meal last another day.,maybe serving it differently ????

  7. Great video Lisa. I love cooking apples in kraut and some sort of pork. It just goes so good together. ????????????

  8. I have a super random question… does your Caraway cookware get stained from your gas stovetop on the bottom and sides?? Mine has brown stains and scratches all over the underside and sides from the flame, I’m guessing? And I cannot get them looking new again!

  9. I'd like to come down to your house, stay in that adorable cottage that I would live in in a heartbeat and I would be happy to eat all your leftovers. Just sayin'

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