18 Replies to “OMEGA, please STOP doing this!”

  1. I totally agree on the point that green omega seamaster are not available at any boutiques since its release one year ago.

  2. The days of the $3500 Speedmaster Professional have come and gone but you will say the same 10 years later about the $7000 one when the new one is $12,000. That WILL happen so get yours while you can. If anything you can still grab a 3570.50 under $4000 so lock in your savings now! ????

  3. I do not agree with you – for Omega even though some watches need to be waitlisted, I have always gotten them at retails at Omega boutique at the end. Got my Snoopy, Tokyo Olympic seamaster, Green seamaster, and Bonds 60th anniversary this way. Still waitlisted for 321, but I am pretty sure it’s just a matter of time.

    Rolex, I can’t even get a Explorer II at retail despite having waitlisted for 18 months now.

    Meanwhile I picked up a VC 1922 at VC Boutique after only 6 months.

  4. I have the green and I had the white and the green is better than the white ( my previous favorite )

  5. I owned the seaweed green dial briefly, had to buy it sight unseen and didn't like it in person. Would've preferred it more matte than glossy.

  6. Here in India, Zeniths are also impossible to get over the counter…especially the chronomasters. Indefinite waiting period for these.

  7. Is it irrelevant to note that this green Seamaster 300 can be had in new (or close to new) condition for below retail on Chrono24?

    Seems to me like a no brainer…skip buying at an AD. Isn’t Omega’s warranty fully transferable as well?

  8. Don’t you dare to talk bad about Omega???? hahaha great content my brother excellent job????????

  9. I guess I was super lucky. I just walked into the Munich boutique last June and bought the green Seamaster out of the window. Yes, it is gorgeous.

  10. I don't understand the wait list with these luxury brands. If you go to micro brands with hot products you literally have to wait until they go back in stock everyone has a fair shot

  11. If Omega made a "no helium valve" version of the Seamaster I would buy one immediately. But they all have that wart on them, so…not interested.

  12. Superb video Adrian. These companies are doing the waitlist thing to drive the prices up and hopefully Omega is not one of them. They are genuinely a company that I feel care about their customers and that is what makes them "Omega".

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