Make Your Old Headset Work with Your PS4 – PlayStation 4

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PS4 – we all want one! I went and bought MY PS4 and guess what? I was instantly told that my old Turtle Beach headset wouldn’t work with the Playstation 4. I wasn’t too happy about that but I tried it myself when I got home. And guess what? The PS4 works perfectly with my Turtle Beach P11 headset. No problems. No fuss. Here’s how to configure your old Turtle Beach headset with your new PS4.

I made a mistake (apparently) in the video. If you choose “all audio” when setting up your headphones in the PS4 settings, you won’t be able to control the game volume separately from the chat volume. I haven’t tried this but will when I get home tonight. One of my commenters said that this was the case.

In fact, let me list the steps here. Take all the extra junk off your Turtle Beach headset (all the extra plugs, etc.). All you should have now is your Turtle Beach headset with two ends: a USB and a 1/8″ jack. Plug the 1/8″ jack into your new Dualshock controller and plug the USB into the USB port on the Playstation 4 and you’re good to go.

Another thing. There’s a little connector that you must take off the Turtle Beach headset’s wires. It holds the two wires together. I have a picture of it in the video. It’s hard to get off. I used a knife to get it off. Be careful not to damage the wires. Then you can pull the wires apart. If you don’t do that you’ll be sitting about two feet from your PS4.

One more thing. Don’t try to charge your controller while using these. There’s a terrible sound if you try to do that. Also, the sound AND the mic work WITHOUT even plugging the 1/8″ jack into the controller–just using the USB port on the PS3! But the downside is that you can’t adjust the game volume at all with the Turtle Beach controller. So my best recommendation is to use the 1/8″ plug into the dualshock controller and the USB cable into the port on the PS3.

Good luck! I hope everyone is able to get their old headset working with their new PS4.

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  1. Thanks for the video, does this allow me to use the mic? When I plug the USB in I hear the other talking but I can't talk back. Btw I'm using a racing wheel, does that make a difference?

  2. "I found a way for my headphones to work on my PS4….. BUT I'M NOT GONNA SHOW YOU HOW"


  3. *These were a replacement➡>JustU.Faith/-TurtleBeach?藥 to my last p11 which had the wires connected to the little controller come off causing it to stop working.1 year and 6 months after I bought it. Tape worked. For 6 months. Then it completely died. These sound even better than the last one. The foam on the cups can be al

  4. dude i was literally using my apple headphones thanks for the tip , my headphones were just laying around

  5. I can confirm as of December 2018 these work. All I had to do was insert the USB. The only slight problem is the sound still sounds low even when set at max volume. Maybe I'm just being fussy though.

  6. The headset works without the green headphone jack plugged in I plug the headphone jack into my phone and listen to music

  7. Thx bro it actually work but wasnt carefull enough with knife and ripped up the cable but nothing some a little bit of electrician tape can’t fix.

  8. Thx for this video I honestly didn't know it was this easy, with a recent ps4 update sound/devices is at the top if you hold down the PS button on the controller and I just set All Audio to Output to Headphones on the 3rd option, it literally was as easy as plugging the 3.5mm into the controller and usb to the ps4…I slightly cut the rubber cable getting that cheesy black box off but I wrapped it in electric tape, these are old busted p11's from early 2013 though, I just wanted to see if this would work and I love the mic monitoring feature, I absolutely couldn't fucking STAND the shitty earbud that hurts your ear that came with the ps4 anymore, sounded horrible and picked up horrible static from my room, I felt bad for people that had to listen to it when I'd stream from the ps4 twitch app lol. I'll order some new p11's and a 3.5mm extension cable since I don't wanna risk cutting the new pair, for ~30 bucks total including the new cable, can't beat that value. Alot of elitists always knocked these turtle beaches but they always sounded decent to me, decent mic that doesn't hiss all cheesy like a bumblebee, and fairly comfy, the top band doesn't hurt me since I usually wear a hat anyway. Only my left side works unless I twist the cable just right lol, it wore out over the years at the connector to the ear cup, eh oh well, they were only like $35ish 4 and a half years ago anyway. Sorry to ramble on a bit, once again great vid and thx for your help, these are great for the price still honestly. You helped a frugal guy out 😀

  9. AMAZING BRO, your doing the impossible never thought about doing it this way . Your the goat bruh 🐐

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