Toothbrush Innovation

Not approved by the FDA……..yet! Do NOT tell your dentist you got this idea from me.


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  1. lmao. subbed so hard and ive not even explored the red hot nickle ball i spotted yet

  2. I've been low-key watching your RHNB videos for about a week, but this one earned you a sub. Good stuff man.

  3. I bet this is exactly why he doesn't talk in any of his newer videos. His gums are just gone now

  4. sonic tbs need to have a magnet on both the base and the head….its def not that same LOL. Good attempt though

  5. The proper way to brush your teeth is to push lightly and use a SOFT BRISTLE BRUSH, as soft as you can get it.  You do not need that electric toothbrush moving the brush all over to the point where your gums bleed.  If your gums bleed, you are brushing way too hard.  You need hardly any force at all on that brush to clean your teeth and gums. Electric toothbrushes like what you have there are a scam and actually hurt your gums in the long run. They cause permanent gum injury by causing the gums to recede over time.

  6. Brushing too roughly irritates the gums and causes them to recede. Receding gums aren't pretty and the damage cannot be reversed.

  7. Wow, lol. This is literally EXACTLY what I did when my Sonicare toothbrush head fell in the toilet (minus the superglue—I made the hole just the right size so that I could fit the metal bit in nice and snug). Also, I only had one of those really intense, gum-massaging toothbrushes to use as the new head. No gum bleeding. Just a deep, deep clean. XD

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