Making Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks At Home | But Better

I have Out Pizza’d The Hut before, and now I will out-cinnamon stix the Hut too. So we’re making essentially the greatest homemade cinnamon roll in existence but in the form of a stick.

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Compressed Wood For Butter:

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15 Replies to “Making Pizza Hut Cinnamon Sticks At Home | But Better”

  1. Pizza Hut can't make this as good because they'd lose money quickly and since its fast food they can't make it as fast so they have disadvantages

  2. Pizza Hut stopped selling the "Desert Pizza" (here in Canada)years ago.

    Its way better! Josh, Please help! We need the Desert Pizza, But Better!

  3. Joshua's recreations is literally the expectations and what it should look like vs. the sad truth of the original

  4. we need more Kendrick

    man sounds like a culinary critic, he knows his stuff!

  5. Love the whole crew, everyone is awesome! Kendrick and Omar could almost have their own spin-offs though lol

  6. Probably have an ionization smoke alarm, honestly you should switch to an optical one

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