Making Taco Bell Nacho Fries at Home | But Better

These aren’t just homemade French fries with cheese sauce. And yes we did a “Bell Grande” version too, don’t you worry.

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14 Replies to “Making Taco Bell Nacho Fries at Home | But Better”

  1. I would love to see a collab between Joshua Weissman and Mythical Chef Josh!

  2. Lit my dude. Your next one should be Chik Fil A Minis. Theyre already delicious but im sure you could perfect the bun

  3. I was surprissed to learn Taco Bell just reacently added fries to their menu in the US; in the Dominican Republic they had fries since forever and are undesputebly the best fries of any fast food chain here.

  4. As a current Taco Bell employee, there is nothing that I hate more than nacho fries. We always sell out because for some reason, people order them in mass quantities (to be fair potatoes and cheese is a good combo), we have to make them in small batches cause we don't have the equipment to keep large batches fresh, and they just take too long to keep making. Absolutely hate them.

  5. My wife wanted Orange Chicken from Panda, knew there was an episode on But Better. Now she is requesting Pad Kee Mao. Want to create one of those great recipes???

  6. Josh, get them to try avocado, halved, with a sprinkle of salt and see if they like it that way – I eat it that way as a snack and it’s delicious! Maybe a squeeze of lemon too. If they don’t like that then fire them, because then they be lyin’! 😂

  7. Nacho fries suck. Taco bell needs to bring back actually good items that never deserved to be axed in the first fuckin place. The loaded grillers, the XXL stuffed burrito… that one chicken burrito I can't remember the name of

  8. I love this recipe I tried it with my family its soooo gooooooood

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