What's in my School/University Bag

I hope you enjoy today’s video, I had fun filming it yesterday 🙂
The kanken bags are incredible! I forgot to mention that they come in all different colours and are pretty unisex.
Here is the link to them on ASOS…


Lots of love and see you soon! (possibly even tomorrow with a vlog 😉 )


20 Replies to “What's in my School/University Bag”

  1. Great video! It’s just not an authentic Kanken unfortunately. The sewing inside should be better..

  2. Ah! So you’re Scottish! For some reason I thought your accent was German?? But then reading the comments, it made a lot more sense now.

  3. Not sure why I like the way Scottish people pronounce ‘Book’ 😅 also ‘Bag’. I’m Australian but I visited Aberdeen a few years ago 😬

  4. 7:27 = Is that really a genuine Kånken bag??? The genuine Kånken has red lable inside and not black and white! You should really be careful before you buy Kånken if it's real or fake. Ofc, the fake one will not have the same quality like the real one (captain obvious).

  5. I absolutely love your accent! I wish I could speak like that 😂🥰

  6. I am from Germany and I will go to Scotland for my Au Pair next year. I love your accent. It is great to get prepared for my time in Scotland. Thank you so much!

  7. Akwldmfjti 😍😍😍 I can't with ur accent, I just loooove it.

  8. I think you got a fake bag bc the inside tag doesn't look right…. 😧 you have to be careful buying these bags bc there's tons of fakes out there. Loved your video though!

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