Marco Pierre White Sets A Team Battle | MasterChef New Zealand | MasterChef World

The contestants split into two teams of four and face a service challenge under celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. One team has seared scallops, the other smoked salmon, but which team did the best?
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9 Replies to “Marco Pierre White Sets A Team Battle | MasterChef New Zealand | MasterChef World”

  1. There's something magical about your food. I appreciate your efforts; I was wondering if you could share a video of you cooking with KHAL viewers


  2. you can tell gordon ramsay was mentored by him, they explain food things the exact same way

  3. Marco, imposing figure? Seriously? He did nothing to help anyone, he is a mostly an insecure human being and it shows, never help anyone….what a waste of a mid life mediocre chef …because to be honest he is not better than mediocre I've met him a few times and he is pretty much a drunk and not that important….

  4. Wow, a lot of education coming out of this,,,,noooot…what a waste of a mid level chef….worthless

  5. The guy “it’s easy for you etc” man you’re on masterchef ???????? why are you even here then

  6. Cucks cucks cucks 30 seconds of your time please 0:01
    Come come come come come 0:06
    I'll make it as quick and painless as possible. 0:12 that's what she said

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