MEDITERRANEAN FISH RECIPE | cod en papillote (cod in parchment paper) – so easy!

This Mediterranean cod en papillote is the most genius way to quickly achieve a simple, healthy, and super delicious dinner!

Let’s just say I’m convinced that “en papillote” (or “in paper”) has become one of my favorite ways to do weeknight dinners. It’s a French cooking technique where a combination of fish and veggies are folded into a parchment paper pouch, then perfectly steamed in the oven.

This Mediterranean recipe hits the spot with simple and fresh coastal flavors while ensuring you have four all-in-one meals done at the same time. Love it!

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00:00 Intro
00:36 Prep the vegetables
02:50 Prep the cod (or other white fish)
03:25 Get the parchment paper ready
03:48 Layer the veggies and fish en papillote
05:30 Place on a baking sheet then cook
05:57 Open the parchment paper pouches and serve
07:23 Taste test

Linen Apron:

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16 Replies to “MEDITERRANEAN FISH RECIPE | cod en papillote (cod in parchment paper) – so easy!”

  1. You guys are gonna love how easy this recipe is… and there's virtually no dirty dishes afterward! Always a bonus. ????

  2. Would this be okay to prep in the parchment in the morning and sit in the fridge until that evening?

  3. Perfect timing as always. We just picked up some cod fillets. Can't wait to try this.

  4. ????I find a covered flat corning ware casserole dish works very well if you don't have parchment paper… ????

  5. My objection to papiotte, parchment & otherwise, is all the trashiotte in landfilliottes. Given your general philosophy, maybe you could offer an alternative?

  6. winner,winner cod fish dinner. Really nice! The black lenses are perfect. Beautiful color contrast and real enhancement in the protein balance. ????????

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