23 Replies to “Meet MY FUR BABIES!!!”

  1. This girls a fucking idiot look how horribly trained and excited these DOGS are. fur baby fucking freaks

  2. Omg can you do a hair tutorial on this look?!?? I love it!! Elsa vibes lol

  3. I have 2 dogs and my mom has 1. My oldest is Napolean and he is literally my lover. He cries for attention all the time and he is the biggest baby. He is a golden. My second is a German Shepard husky mix named mocha she is 3. She was actually found running about in a couple towns over and two days before Christmas we found out she was pregnant and she didn't show at all she was actually going in to get fixed and then on Christmas she had 5 puppies and they are all healthy and have their own homes today. She is very shy but loves snuggles with her big brother. Bella is a Pomeranian and she is a little cunt.

  4. Missy was the cutests, but you should being taurus back so people can see how she is doing.

  5. Question, Why can't you keep your little dogs in your home, but you can keep those big dogs ?
    And why would you take so many dogs, if you can't take care of em all? ..

  6. shelter! and how did i get here?! who the f is this crazy women?! way to much energy and it's fake energy…she is not well…shelter dogs shelter

  7. I have a 8 month cane corso his name is Kobe! His a little stalker lol he just be staring at me through the crack of the door when I'm in the room or bathroom lol but his super hyper and loves running around the house and jumps and slams his body on you lol uhhh Kobe

  8. I have a one year old siberian husky named Mochi he is the smartest sweetest dog ever lol

  9. One of my favorite videos ever!! yay!! I have 5 dogs. My 4 chi mixes tell my Pitty mix female what to do. She says whatever!

  10. all dogs do need a home ,but shelter dogs need them more because they are killed every day js

  11. She teared up talking about Howie
    I just wanna get loved like Howie πŸ™

  12. Watching this made me nostalgic… omg jarmaine ive been watching you for years and it felt like time flied so fast!! I love your aura… and the hair.. tutorial please!!! πŸ™‚

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