Messy High Updo


I’ve been requested to do more cute and simple hairstyles for school, so here ya go! (: This is one of those messy updos you can wear on your lazy days or when your hair feels icky and you just wanna tie it out of your face. It’s wearable for every seasons; for winter & autumn, you can add some earmuffs and for spring & summer, you can just leave this as it is.

It took me no more than 2 mintues so this is definitely an on-the-go hairstyle :D. Have fun, gals! & I will be back with more.

P.S. My sweater was from an Asian Fashion site called Here’s the link to it (It might not work because the site crashes sometimes!)

As for my headband, it was from a local store near me. I’m sure you can get a similar one at Claire’s though (:

Thanks for your support,