Sculpture Geek Sessions || Episode 2 || Snow Day Sculpting Super Tyrant in Chavant clay

Sculpture_Geek Sessions Episode 2 Super Tyrant Snow Day.









Sculpture, film, and edit by sculptor Chris Vierra.

#sculpture #clay #sculpting


Intro – Form & Shape – Gotta Be

Tyrant sculpture -Rukunetsu – SAF(V)E ROOM – RESIDENT EVIL [2017]

Other Stock music provided by Epidemic Sound

Tyrant is property of Capcom no ownership is expressed or implied.

29 Replies to “Sculpture Geek Sessions || Episode 2 || Snow Day Sculpting Super Tyrant in Chavant clay”

  1. I came back to this channel after remembering the link sculpt you did, and I was greeted with this wonderful new format. Keep it up man

  2. Bro, your videos are outrageously awesome. I not only love your sculpting work but I love these stories and way you film. Awesome work all thes way around man.

  3. This looks amazing! I am shocked at the amount of detail there is in the tendons on the gave and hand, especially the eye area! A fun one might be chucky at the end of child’s play 3, if you haven’t watched it, watch the first 3 first maybe? idk that would be an amazing sculpture

  4. Не ну однозначно лайк и подписка за твой труд

  5. Oh yeah. I like this dude. High quality videos, amazing artwork, and great taste in video games. 😀

  6. Is it just me or the music in the video is a remixed Resident Evil Remake save room theme?

  7. I remember hoping to go with my mom to the store SEARS because they had the Demos there. The PlayStation, N64 & the Sega Saturn. And they had RE as the playable Demo for the PS. “Those were the days” definitely

  8. Hello Chris, I am an "Agent" sent by the umbrella corporation to… "collect" the so called "tyrant". after seeing what you can do, the umbrella corporation would like to recruit you into our foundation. After all we both only want to help humanity, right? And you seem the person we've been looking for to help in our latest project. We have gave it the code name "(Nemesis)".

  9. Wow this is amazing ,just found you and subscribed ..Your so talented was a joy to watch him being created ,j just when I thought you had finished more fun started ..The sketch was so funny ,and when he fell down the Shute I was crying lol !.. So funny lol 😀

  10. I love it, thx! do accept any request? I wish you could think about doing Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher 3

  11. Can you sculpt the hanzo hasashi ( scorpion) from mortal kombat 11 please . Form vietnam with love ;))))

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