MET gala 2023: the theme, the best dressed *DESIGNER REACTS*

MET Gala 2023: the theme, the best dressed, reviewed by a fashion designer.

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14 Replies to “MET gala 2023: the theme, the best dressed *DESIGNER REACTS*”

  1. As usual a very interesting and informative commentary. As for me I find this a terrible waste of money and time. A bunch of unimportant people strutting around like peacocks'

  2. I appreciate your not judging this gala too deeply due to the theme!! But a great learning video of course, thanks so much Justine ❤

  3. How can 2 people wear the same outfit? ???? (Olivia wild and I can't remember the name of the other girl). I was sure every outfit needs confirmation

  4. Thank you for your take. I've been waiting for this video. Did not disappoint!

  5. Karl Lagerfeld Is not A political. You must be living under a rock.

  6. Bündchen's outfit was a gown she wore for Lagerfeld in a photo shoot he took himself, so that was extremely on point.

  7. I was waiting for your video about the MET! i know this year's theme might have been not as interesting for you as usual, but I still enjoyed the rundown of who did what and how it connects to Karl, bcs I did not know that much about his work.

  8. love your thoughts. what did you think of camila morrone's dress by rodarte?

  9. Am I the only person who liked the garments and the vibe of this met gala? Bright, refreshing and a little nostalgic of classic 90s and vintage haute couture. Reminiscent of vintage glamorous perfume advertisements.

  10. The looks were mostly underwhelming. Lack of styling, lack of effort about hairdos. Everyone just ran with black-and-white/ pearl/ tweed. The colour of the carpet didn't help either.

  11. Most of these look like a joke, sorry.
    I am classic I guess or I may not be a snob, but this feels like everyone tried to stand out so hard in overdressing another, that they hung everything they found handy on themselves, the chandelier, the checkerboard, the cat, and they ended up looking like a compilation of tacky altogether, designer or not.

  12. I wish you had included Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas and Alia Bhatt in this video.

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