Studio McGee Spec Home Tour: Sharing All of the Kitchen and Pantry Details #SMSpecHome

We are excited to reveal one of the most anticipated rooms inside our first-ever spec home—the kitchen! Join Shea as she shares her expertise on mixing hardware, layering lighting, and designing a kitchen layout in the latest spec home webisode.

In the kitchen, Shea created symmetry by framing the hood and adding floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that looks more like a piece of furniture than a kitchen functionality staple. “The other part of this layout that’s really unique is a long stretch of cabinetry from the kitchen all the way into the pantry,” she explains. “Instead of having a pocket door or some sort of division it is all connected, so you get this beautiful view when you are standing in the great room. This played into a lot of the decisions we made throughout the kitchen.” When designing the pantry, Shea intentionally constructed the visible corner cabinetry to be beautiful at all times and placed the less-sightly food storage around the corner.

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30 Replies to “Studio McGee Spec Home Tour: Sharing All of the Kitchen and Pantry Details #SMSpecHome”

  1. It’s beautiful. We are moving into our next and hopefully final home and there is a main floor renovation on the docket. I will take so many of these ideas and adjust to fit my space.???? Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous space ????????

  2. As we're in the thick of building our custom home, I find myself constantly telling my wife "In Shae we trust" ????

  3. This is my dream kitchen! ????However, I would totally end up washing my dishes in that side prep sink!

  4. I love the layout, if we ever build again, I’m definitely stealing this idea ❤

  5. I'm sure an influential member of the team has left. The design has be come very bland and not so modern.

  6. Ok. This is officially my favorite kitchen. Great inspiration for my next kitchen. Thank you!

  7. Remember when you guys used to do videos with no talking? Can you please do one of those for this spec home. Thanks.

  8. Beautiful. I started seeing the stone backsplash being used in the kitchen over a year ago with other designers and wondered if it was easy to clean.

  9. Absolutely stunning as always Shea ???? love you all so much and appreciate you sharing.

  10. Cabinetry is BEAUITFULL Color shade is too ..SHOUT OUT TO THE SKILLED WORKERS.ALL THE CREW !..BEAUTIFULL????????????????

  11. love everything except in the back splash above the oven i find the color dull something darker will look better maybe black back splash same color as the countertop…

  12. Old Shea , lets paint that beautiful stone work, the beautiful wood , WHITE. New Shea, leave it natural , tired of white

  13. Wow!! Game Changer in Kitchen Design!! I am so excited tooooo!!!!????????????????????????❤love it!!

  14. love the faucet in the prep area the color and proportions give it such a beautiful profile to look at from a distance and up close!

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