Reviewing the Latest Food Trends | Vol 15

Today Ebbers shows Jamie and Barry some of the latest food trends he’s picked up from the IFE (International Food and Drink Event)!

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Below is what we explored today if you want to check them out:
Vinegared Herbs:
Indigenous Herb Blends:
Yare Valley Oils:
By-Product Booze:

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30 Replies to “Reviewing the Latest Food Trends | Vol 15”

  1. I scrolled through some comments and didn't really see anyone mentioning this. Tarantella is an Italian folk dance with a lot of different types depending on regions and ages. But during old times some of the Tarantella folk dances was said to cure people from the bite of spiders during the summer harvest. Especially the Lycosa Tarantula in latin, that also was the first spider named Tarantula.

    All of these names are originating from the Italian town Taranto. But because of my interest in ecology and spiders i like the connection of the folk dance Tarantella(the dance to cure spider venom) and the name of spiders Tarantula(which of course spread to English in the end).

    There's so much more details, culture and history to add but yeah that would turn into an article.

  2. Booze:
    Anything that lets farmers make money from something that would otherwise be used for cheap animal feed is good news. This idea should be embraced in as many areas as possible, as it makes farms more resource efficient while making more money in the process.

  3. From an Italian, me, to Ben, well done, you got it with la tarantella!! ????

  4. Those Australian salts might be great to have. So many great things to try.

  5. Sorry guys 7:52 (spelling) it's 'indigenous'. And yes lemon myrtle is a wonderful seasoning. Also Tasmanian pepperberry and saltbush. ????

  6. People have been using leftover grapes to make spirits for centuries in Italy and Hungary.

  7. Aussie, here. With the lemon myrtle, you can also get all kinds of sauces and dressings.

  8. I like growing herbs, but I never know what to do with them, so the idea of making sauces with them sparked my interest. I also liked the rapeseed oils. I don't drink and only use alcohol for flavouring (e.g. rum & raisin ice cream), so I'm not particularly interested in the alcohols. Salt blends, meh, we have loads of them and they never get used, so they're always a disappointment.

  9. Much more interested in making the herb sauces, those prices were eye-watering. The salts were good though didn't feel that revolutionary, possibly because I have a cupboard full of flavoured Cornish Sea Salts, including smoked, and a seaweed one. I like the idea of the flavoured oils and the ethos behind them, though I've never got on very well with the taste of plain rapeseed oil. The drinks just felt.. contrived somehow.

  10. That first item is old news in Trinidad and Tobago. We make a "green seasoning" to use on everything using chives, culantro, cilantro, and thyme

  11. I just ordered the Discarded Banana Peel Rum. Love the idea and can't wait to taste it.

  12. Wouldn't frozen herbs be a pretty good option when fresh are hard to find?

  13. As a professional Australian, I haven't seen a single shrimp on the barbie. also we don't call them shrimp its prawns.

  14. Oils, sauces, salts…not really interesting to me. Not to say that the products aren't good.
    The alcohols made by by-products are something though. I like the idea a lot.

    Um…is the chef skill challenge still going? Or did it end? Who won? Just curious

  15. My 3 favourite sorted mates. 1 – Jamie. 2 – Ebbers. 3 – Barry.

  16. If they do that herb sauce with harder to get herbs like some asian and south american ones then I'm sold.

  17. Finishing up my degrees in natural resources and sustainability and it really is nice to see a channel sparking the conversation about sustainability in food systems

  18. I have to say that in a country with 4M kids suffering food poverty, I can think of better ways to use small potatoes than to make vodka ???? but shout out to Yorkshire rapeseed oils we have been using their oils for nearly 5 years, taste amazing and refillable! Fantastic in cakes too

  19. Honestly as someone from outside the English speaking countries "rapeseed oil" and "rape cake" are not words I'd associate with food

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