Mini Flashlight Face-Off: Keychain vs Kube!

Today I’m testing out a mini keychain flashlight that I’ve gotten numerous requests to review and comparing it to a similar mini flashlight called the Kodiak Kube by Litezall.

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23 Replies to “Mini Flashlight Face-Off: Keychain vs Kube!”

  1. keychain light also advertises the bottle opener on the frame .. for mobilbility the keychain light wins for me .. plus you get 2 of them .. ????

  2. They’re huge! And hot garbage. Who would want these? If you need a keychain light buy a Rovyvon, Fenix, Streamlight, or as a last resort, the ever popular Chinese ties endorsed by YouTubers everywhere because they are shills, an olight.

  3. Those are both trash you get better performance out of a led touch lite you know the ones that are at the dollar store in the four pack

  4. I wonder if they are using the same LED array, which is why they are so similar.

  5. American prices are so high!. Most things shown in these videos are available in the UK (or variations of) for about 1/3rd the price. For example, my keychain torch was bought at the British equivalent of the Dollar Store! By the way, concentrated light looks brighter than wide lights, as the light isn't as dispersed. That's why the torch seemed brighter.

  6. These two things are way too similar, you should compare a normal flashlight with the Keychain light. And then we can see if the Keychain is worth buying.

  7. I could not be convinced by any early means that these aren't built by the same company. The build of the LEDs, the similar brightness levels, and the similarly weak magnets give it away.
    Other than that, I think I'd go with the 2 keychains

  8. they keychain light is amazing but not for that price. aliexpress around $3 to $4 a pop and it regularly pops on the the $1.99 special deals section. its wonderful for just around anywhere. I attach one to a printer on each table of printers and its USB C. for $2 or $3 its simply amazing.

  9. The weirdest comment, sure, but id rather watch James than old schol popeye movie cartoons! Freakin yes!

  10. Neat lights but more like 200 lumens at most then anything else, also i should note if you are willing to wait for shipping the smaller key chain one is all over aliexpress for like 4-5$ lol, might get one for myself as it seems like a nice light to add to my collection/clip on some pants or backpack i just never looked much into it before as i thought it would be your average cheap Chinese thing given the 4$ price point, guess not.

  11. Those keychain ones go for literally $2.30 on Temu. Great little light for that price.

  12. Lumen score is kind of bogus because the catch is that it's at a certain distance. Most likely 1000 lumens at 2ft or something. Kind of misleading when you show it as a flashlight

  13. I have to remember to get one of these one day, the one with the better outdoor beam and then just swap out the magnet and it would be damn near perfect!!! I don't expect it to last forever, but I promise it would be used and live a full life! ❤️???? And someone make one with a better switch, little bigger battery and charge a fair price, now TAKE MY MONEY!!! ???????? And I need 5… Even 20 or 30 a pop would be worth it if decent. Maybe I'm just old.

  14. I bought 6 of the keychain lights from Amazon. 3/6 quit working within a few days. Straight up garbage.

  15. I think the keychain was the clear winner here. It’s a shame about the weak magnet.

    A few things I would like to have seen: 1) how long they take to charge, 2) how long they last on a full charge, 3) how long they can sustain max brightness

    Love the channel!

  16. You could use both to find your beer, but the keychain light has a bottle opener you can use to open it. 🙂

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