In The Trenches with My Avengers! | Ashville Weekly ep125

This week on Ashville Weekly the Environmental Agency turn up for a surprise random inspection at the yard, there’s loft, steels and tenches work at the Refurb Project and we’re calibrating the Volumetric Lorries.

Plus Architect Sam is at the yard, Daniel is on a BBC show (no, not Match of the Day!) with Tunde and there’s last minute drama as Flo’s wife goes into labour.

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:: BBC You and Yours – Gap Finders with Tunde Okewale ::

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15 Replies to “In The Trenches with My Avengers! | Ashville Weekly ep125”

  1. How many times have you been out off site with that ridiculous hard hat that will never meet any specification.

  2. That water tank will need to be a minimum of 18ft off the ground to get a gravity flow to fill a mixer tank.

  3. dan needs to do at least one day a week training on lh 60 to stop these problems its like riding a bike once you get it you get it muscle memory

  4. I work for a company that’s not huge and I am always impressed by the level of redundancy there is. There is DR documentation for even the most unlikely of scenarios. This is obviously going to be a one of those lessons where you learn to have backups for what is obviously a very important business function. It’s a lesson someone with formal training in management would have learnt very early on but you’re learning as you go.

  5. You get all these visit more than any other site on the planet, I guess it's the price you pay for making the business public. keep up the hard work pal.

  6. 28:27 – Fairly play but surely you’re roughly aware of a due date, and why isn’t there resilience in that area, surely having another in-house trained operator is a no brainer?

  7. Danny.. I’ve been watching for a bit and i must say it’s your own damn fault you don’t have an alternate for Flo, it’s been long enough since you had him trained

  8. I love seeing how every episode is a mission to make the site more safe. It's amazing to see a company take safety so seriously. I know, I know, it has to be safe. But Ashville are so proactive with this.

  9. Lovely trench, Daniel! You know with all those services at depth, do you lay some tell-tale coloured mesh about halfway down the infill, just in case anyone gets a bit enthusiastic digging there in future? Warn them before they hit anything serious…????

  10. Needing to surround the pressure washer with some concrete blocks Daniel ???? who else is miss shook you productions I am ????

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