Skechers Massage Fit commercial

Have you ever wished you could get the feeling of a relaxing foot massage just by walking around? Now you can with new Skechers Massage Fit™ footwear! Every pair features unique and visually distinctive Wave Design Technology with dual-density Hyper Burst® cushioning for an incomparable walking experience. Keep your feet happy all day long with new Skechers Massage Fit.

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15 Replies to “Skechers Massage Fit commercial”

  1. Google liars are forcing garbage shoes now ? And these fools wonder why everyone is getting laid off at these tech companies. Here’s a answer GET A JOB !!!!!

  2. do you make these in the ‘working-folk, high-top steel-toe’ variety? if so, ill give ‘em a go. Im only allowed to wear high-top steel-toe at my work. the gel inserts i go to leave something to be desired within a month of use. “My dogs are for sure barking.”

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