Miranda Kerr's Pregnancy Fitness and Food Plan | Little Black Book | Harper's BAZAAR

From goat’s milk to avocado toast, this is how the pregnant supermodel takes care of her body.

Miranda Kerr is just like us—a healthier, glowier, taller version of us. When she’s too busy to find the time for a workout, Kerr resorts to a quick 20-minute pilates session with a face mask on. Multitasking! To learn what else Kerr does to keep her supermodel physique—even while pregnant with her second child—we followed along as she prepares breakfast, works out, and goes grocery shopping.

This latest episode of Miranda Kerr’s Little Black Book of Wellness—exclusively on BAZAAR.com, peels back the curtain on what is otherwise a totally manageable diet, fitness, and wellness routine to keep a healthy body and mind. Even for us non-supermodels. From avocado toast in the morning to kundalini yoga with Mary Onkar, this is how Kerr stays in tip-top shape.

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  1. Just impressed by Miranda..she uses so much Indian stuff like in this video ghee.previous video she said she used Himalaya toothpaste.not to mention her tumeric based skincare..????????????????????

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