RABBIT POSE – Sasangasana – 15 Minute Yoga Practice

Learn the foundations of Rabbit Pose or Sasangasana with this 15 min workshop practice. Lengthen the spine, stretch your back and boost immunity with this bunny posture.

I love this pose because it reminds me how powerful it is to learn how to be calm, attentive and aware of our breath when we are in tight or uncomfortable situations. This video guides you through the basics and through modifications inviting you to listen to your body, breathe, deepen your practice and Find What Feels Good.

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23 Replies to “RABBIT POSE – Sasangasana – 15 Minute Yoga Practice”

  1. This was a fantastic video. I came here after watching your video "yoga for migraines", and I found that this posture and the building up to it provided a lot of relief as well

  2. That's a good booty burn geez lol
    Doing this to honor my year of the Rabbit 2023 ♡
    Couldnt find a recent one.

    Youre the only one Ive found so thank you. Very grateful ♡

  3. Sometimes, especially when I feel tired, it’s good to hop on the mat and do an easy practice like this one.

  4. I think it is either sasakasana or sasakangasana since sasaka in sanskrit refers to rabbit in English.????????????????

  5. When you said ‘imagine you have a little bunny tail’ I did an involuntary shake and wiggle! And again when you mentioned Pom Pom tail! ???? ???? ????

  6. I'm a member of FWFG and this is one of my favorite videos on there. The Foundations level videos are fantastic.

  7. FYI: a rabbits 'tail' is called a fud (Scottish, not to be confused with FEAR UNCERTAINTY DOUBT), or in USA: Scut. Both terms are just fun to say :-).

  8. Hi Adrienne i have started doing yoga with you since lockdown began. I have tried it before but never really stuck with it, but i am really enjoying your videos and have worked my way through all of the foundations of yoga. Please can you advise me on what series i should do next so that i can progress slowly but surely. I am a beginner i should mention. Thank you for your time x

  9. first time doing yoga in my new dorm and im getting used to the feeling of a much harder ground underneath me, i had all the towels i brought stacked on top of the tile???? but im still yoga-ing no matter what !

  10. I'm suffering from heavy ambrosia allergies, and I'm taking some meds for it, thus my nose is off and on throughout the day for the last weeks of Aug and for the 2 weeks of Sep… I have trouble sleeping bc of that, and generally, my life turns into a slow-burning limbo during these 2 months every year, but today, this pose – helped with my stuffed nose, with the allergy and with overall breathing! I'm doing your vids every day since the beginning of 2020, I dunno how I've never done this particular video before, but bless you Adriene, bless you so hard for helping me breathe again!

  11. I didn't know Rabbit pose. A good mental energy and clear the head very well. Great practice!

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